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Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Founded in 1985, this health campaign aims to increase awareness about early screening while raising funds for research and supporting those affected by the disease. Gateway Natural Medicine is changing the way we see traditional early screening by offering less invasive and highly effective screening measures.          

Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center has been a pillar in the Berthoud community since opening its doors 22 years ago. After Dr. Brett Wisniewski and his wife, Kelly, had both worked at the office for five years (in practice together for 10 years), they decided to purchase the practice in January 2019 so they could fulfill their desire to bring affordable, non-invasive health care to the Front Range. In doing so, they have introduced thermography to the area. Thermography uses a high-resolution, thermal imaging camera.

Asked what brought thermography to their attention, they revealed they began researching the technology after Kelly fell chronically ill due to her breast implants. Thermography was used to detect the origin of inflammation, when other types of tests failed to find anything wrong. Kelly was able to have them safely removed, and she credits thermography for her getting her life back. They now regularly see clients who have similar issues, so that they can pinpoint where the inflammation in the body is located.

This technology has proven to be effective in the detection of “hot spots” in the body. These hot spots are overactive cells, which is a hallmark of cancer cells. This non-invasive procedure may assist the clinician in detecting cancer up to five years before mammograms or ultrasounds and is completely harmless. One huge benefit to thermography is that any age can use this, from infant to elder, because there is no radiation involved.

“We are picking up on your radiation, not putting radiation into you,” Dr. Wisniewski says.

Thermography is usually compared to mammography, but Dr. Wisniewski is quick to explain that neither replaces the other. They are simply different modes of getting information. Thermography provides a functional image, whereas mammography provides a structural image. Neither of these identifies cancer, however, they simply locate areas at risk. While technology has progressed rapidly over the years, research has been somewhat stagnant, relying heavily on old studies performed in the ‘70s.

The use of thermography is a revolutionary advancement in the early detection of inflammatory changes, which may lead to breast cancer. Kelly adds that it can also be used to detect early heat and vascular changes for other conditions such as diabetes and other illnesses. Dr. Wisniewski believes that everyone deserves their health and should be able to choose what’s best for them.

“Ultimately, personal risk factors should determine an individual’s road of diagnostics,” he says.

Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center understands that medicine should be catered to the individual. Thermography assists in putting the patient in control of their care.

“A doctor should be there to inform, not to dictate,” Dr. Wisniewski says.

What can someone expect when they walk into the office? Gateway Natural Medicine & Diagnostic Center offers a comfortable waiting area with complimentary beverages. The diagnostic rooms are bright and welcoming. Each thermography patient is given a choice between Dr. Wisniewski or Kelly, depending on comfort and preference. Both are certified thermography technicians, so each patient can rest assured that they will be taken care of from check-in to check-out.

New patients are given a 90-minute session to allow for consultation. If a patient is female, there is always another female staff member in the room to add to the comfort of the overall experience. Bringing a friend or family member is also a welcome option. Once the patient has acclimated to the temperature-controlled room, the patient will simply stand in front of the camera as it reads the temperature variations in the body—no poking or prodding, completely non-invasive. The care and service that the Wisniewskis bring to their practice is evident.

“From the minute you call to make an appointment until you checkout, you will get the best from us,” Kelly says.