Gather by the Fire

Complete Home Concepts brings warmth and ease to the Orr home

There's nothing more welcoming than a crackling fire at the end of a long day. But who wants to spend the time building a fire and then cleaning flues? The Drs. Michelle and Robert Orr didn't, so they reached out to Complete Home Concepts for help with two of their fireplaces. 

The Orr's home is nearly 40 years old and was due for a bit of updating. Their living room had been redone more recently and the fireplace converted from gas to wood burning some time back. Now, Bob and Michelle were ready to go back to the ease of gas as well as updating the look of the fireplace in their living space. 

After talking with Kenny at Complete Home Concepts, they chose a new facade for their living room fireplace that better matched their updated decor. The Orrs had recently replaced their flooring with grey wood finish ceramic tile so they chose a stone facade with a hint of shimmer that catches the light beautifully.

In their bedroom, the fireplace hadn't been used in nearly 30 years, so they replaced the inner workings of that while keeping the traditional carved wood mantel and facade. Both fireplaces were outfitted with new flues and gas inserts, ensuring warmth and ambiance at the flip of a switch. 

Now, Michelle says that they use both fireplaces all the time, decorating the handplaced stone and cherry wood mantle for the upcoming holidays. 

"It's so nice to be able to control the heat. When we had a wood burning fireplace, often people would just have to leave the room after a while because the heat got too intense. Now we can have the fire and still control the heat," says Michelle. 

Michelle says that the process of replacing and updating the fireplaces was seamless.

"Kenny was always able to answer any of our questions right away. Once all the pieces came in, they started work on a Monday and we were using the fireplaces by Friday. It was that quick," says Michelle. 

Now, Michelle says, she enjoys sipping coffee in the mornings in front of the bedroom fire, easiing into the day. 

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