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Gather Mountain Blooms

Cultivating Flowers + Community

There is something that happens when we dig in the soil. It connects us to the Earth. It slows down time.  It engages each of our senses to focus on caring for another living thing.

Flowers require time, care, and devotion; they require nurturing. No one knows this better than three local sisters working from sunup to sundown in an endeavor to revitalize and repurpose an historic farm in our community with the goal of fostering memories.

Cultivating Community

Venetucci Farm has been a part of the Colorado Springs community for decades and is steeped in history. In a perfect season for growth and rejuvenation, land at this landmark has been leased by Nikki, Leah and Abby as Gather Mountain Blooms to cultivate community as an urban flower farm.   

It’s a flower shop, personalized.

“Everyone who has come here tells us their memories of the farm,” Nikki says. The sisters said they feel like the keeper of these memories. The farm is special to the community and it adds importance to their mission. “We want people to feel welcomed,” Leah adds.       

The grounds will host flowers unique to Colorado, including a pick-your-own section. Volunteers are welcomed to be a part of the process. The outbuildings will host community members for workshops to arrange those flowers with a little help.  The barn will host weddings and receptions. There is even a nod to Colorado Springs’ architectural history by repurposing an old tuberculosis hut to serve as their flower stand.    

Why Flowers?

“When you think of flowers, you think of special moments,” Abby explains. When you ask a person what their favorite flower is, they can tell you.  If you dig deeper, they will tell you why.  “It is usually tied to a memory.” Flowers adorn special occasions, regardless of the emotion – weddings, funerals, anniversaries or reunions.

Punctuating that point, owner Nikki explains that at a dark point in her life, her husband started bringing her flowers. They brought her an ounce of joy when she needed it most.  The flowers were beautiful, but foundationally the gift of flowers communicated his love for her when, perhaps, words seemed insufficient.

What’s Your Favorite Flower?

Peony, ranunculus, zinnia? Maybe tulips or sunflowers? We know the names of these plants, but do we know how long it takes to germinate them? What type of sun they prefer? How much water produces the best blooms?

These sisters do. 

What Gather Mountain Blooms is offering is a deeper, more intimate way to experience Colorado – to encounter her history, dig in her soil and harvest the blooms.

Facebook + Instagram: @gathermountainblooms