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Gearing up for Holiday Adventures

Learn from industry expert Highline Car Care

Tis the season for holiday road trips and Highline Car Care is here to help you get ready for the busiest travel days of the year. Before embarking on your journey, ensuring your vehicle is in top-notch condition is essential for a safe and stress-free roadtrip. Holiday travels are for spending quality time with loved ones both in and out of the car, don’t let unexpected car troubles stop you from enjoying this time to the fullest. Highline Car Care has a team of dedicated experts who provide comprehensive pre-trip inspections to ensure your vehicle is ready for any holiday adventures.

Highline Car Care understands the importance or a reliable and well-maintained vehicle, especially during the holidays when roads are packed with antsy drivers and potential ice or snow. The certified technicians go the extra mile to provide a thorough assessment of your car’s key components, offering you peace of mind as you begin your holiday travel journey.

Pre-trip inspections at this Gilbert auto repair shop focus on four key areas: safety, reliability, efficiency and compliance. With safety being the top priority, a certified mechanic will check your vehicle's safety features like brakes, tires, lights and seat belts and replace or repair defective parts to avoid any accidents on the road. To reduce the chances of being stuck on the side of the road because of a flat tire, dead battery or overheating engine Highline Car Care will test the battery, fluids, belts, hoses and other systems. 

This experienced team will also check for issues like clogged air filters, worn spark plugs and low tire pressure that can waste fuel and reduce gas mileage. To go the extra mile, they will identify any missing or non-compliant parts depending on the state or city you’ll be traveling to because other places may have different vehicle laws and regulations.

While pre-trip inspections may seem like an inconvenience and waste of money if you’re not used to getting these done, they can save you money in the long run and prevent potentially hazardous events on the road. Regular car maintenance and pre-trip inspections or repairs can also keep your vehicle in tip top shape not only for holiday road trips but commutes to work, school or other commitments.

To have a fun and memorable road journey, snacks and having good music queued up for the drive ahead can help. Some other road trip essentials according to Highline Car Care are a small battery jump start pack or jumper cables and a first aid kit just in case. Other things travelers can do on their own to ensure a smooth and safe road trip is planning a route and consider traffic and weather conditions. 

With all of the proper steps taken, holiday road trips can be enjoyed with full confidence and no lingering worries about car troubles. Highline Car Care understands that spending time with family and making happy memories is the most important part of the holiday season. General manager, Adam Lebowitz says vehicle troubles shouldn’t take away from having fun with your loved ones.

“You have spent all this time planning and preparing yourself and your family for an amazing adventure,” Lebowitz says. “Don't let the reliability of your vehicle hinder or become the trip's focal point due to leaving you stranded.”

It is recommended that you schedule your pre-trip inspection a few weeks prior to your road trip to reduce stress and make sure any problem areas can be remedied before you embark on your journey. Have a worry-free holiday adventure by booking your pre-trip inspection today. Visit or call 480-336-2889 to make an appointment.

4 Items to Keep in Your Vehicle

First Aid Kit: A comprehensive first aid kit and any daily needed medications.

Jumper Cables and Multi-Tool: A set of jumper cables is crucial in case your vehicle's battery dies or to help a neighbor.

Flashlight with Extra Batteries: A flashlight is essential for nighttime emergencies

Non-Perishable Food and Water: Store non-perishable snacks like granola bars, nuts, and dried fruits, along with bottles of water.

Meet the Owner: Wes Hawkins

Working on cars all these years, I’ve seen and heard a lot of crazy stories. While some of them are funny (oh the noises you hear when you work in a shop), there are many stories that have given the auto repair industry a bad rap. Highline is my version of how an auto repair shop must care for vehicles and, more importantly, care for its customers

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