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Annual Gala Continues to Raise Critical Funds for Organization's Mission

Over the last decade of my work as an event planner in Atlanta, no organization has had a greater impact on my life than the Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance. My work has made me realize that everyone has a voice in the prevention of this disease and that we all need to be advocates for awareness and early detection. 

The Georgia Ovarian Cancer Alliance (GOCA) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to raising awareness about ovarian cancer, providing support to survivors and their families, and funding the nationally recognized “Bag of Hope” program. Through community outreach, events, and resources, the alliance strives to empower women with knowledge about symptoms and risk factors leading to early detection.

Clearly, ovarian cancer is a women’s disease, but men can play a crucial role in educating people about ovarian cancer by raising awareness and fostering open, thoughtful conversations. Supporting female partners, friends, and family members in seeking regular check-ups and discussing women's health openly helps break down the social taboos surrounding ovarian cancer. Men can participate in awareness campaigns, share information through social platforms, and encourage a proactive approach to healthcare, ultimately contributing to early detection and improved outcomes for ovarian cancer. Empathy, shared experiences, and a commitment to advocacy create a powerful bond, making community a stronghold for those navigating the complexities of ovarian cancer, promoting awareness, and driving positive change.

I have lost so many friends because their cancer was not detected in the early stages, which would have greatly increased their chance of survival. Losing members of the ovarian cancer community is a poignant and heartbreaking reality. Each departure represents not only an individual, but also a shared journey of resilience and strength. These losses underscore the urgent need for increased awareness, research, and support. Honoring those who have succumbed to this disease becomes a catalyst for continued advocacy, encouraging a united front against ovarian cancer. Their legacies inspire an unwavering commitment to improving early detection methods and treatment options, fostering hope for a future where losses in the ovarian cancer community become increasingly rare.

GOCA is celebrating the Shaken, Not Stirred Gala on March 9 at Georgia Aquarium.

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