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Georgia's Youngest Farmer's 1st Annual Green Heart Festival

Planting Seeds of Hope in the South Fulton Community

Article by Kristen Wright-Matthews

Photography by Cam Mitchell Studios

Originally published in SOFU Lifestyle

Kendall Rae Johnson's boundless endless energy and radiant smile are captivating but merely flicker when compared to her overflowing heart, which apparently is green. The 7-year-old farmer and entrepreneur, with the help of her parents, recently launched Kendall Rae's Green Heart, a nonprofit devoted to helping young people develop their character, social skills, service learning, and community leadership with a focus on youth agriculture education, business economics and healthy lifestyle habits. Kendall Rae made history as Georgia's youngest certified farmer at age 6, and the 1st Annual Green Heart Festival was a day to remember in South Fulton. 

On September 24, Kendall Rae was joined by over 50 kidpreneurs, including business owners, philanthropists, influencers and entertainers, at the inaugural event held at the Southwest Arts Center. It was a beautiful day filled with hope as our future leaders led the festival described as "by kids for kids." Their smiles shined brighter than the sun as they showcased their businesses, from lemonade to dog treats, socks to blankets, wacky milkshakes, clothing, accessories, books and more. Others beamed with pride as they exhibited their talents on the main stage, from dancers to singers, photographers, a DJ, reporters, and the adorable twin influencers who interviewed each kidpreneur.

The day peaked when Fulton County Commissioner Khadijah Abdur-Rahman of "The Mighty 6" commission district and the first Muslim woman elected in Georgia, named each child, presented them each with a proclamation and declared Friday, September 23, 2022, as Kendall Rae's Green Heart Appreciation Day.

Kendall told me that she was delighted at how the first Green Heart Festival turned out and was very happy to meet many new friends. 

"I can't wait to help others learn to grow their own food, be sustainable and eat healthier," Kendall Rae said. 

Kendall Rae's love of farming began in a small patio garden, where she planted two cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes and collard greens. When she was 4 years old, her parents built a more extensive garden bed, where she planted seeds and watched plants grow. The precocious youngster invited friends to help harvest her garden and, with great pride, would walk them around explaining each plant she had grown.

The grass is growing vastly beneath her feet, and she is leaving a broad trail through it for others to follow. Seeds, much more precious than vegetables, were planted at The Green Heart Festival.

For more information about Kendall Rae's Green Heart, visit  

Kristen Wright Matthews is a wife, publicist, writer and mother of two young changemakers, CJ (15) and Kollin (6). When not working on projects for clients, she is busy building her family’s legacy with Blankies 4 My Buddies.