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Get Boho Chic with Modern Hippie Design Studio

Residential interior designer Heidi Houdek specializes in creating inviting spaces for happy people.

You started your career in finance, what led you to switch to interior design?
I’ve always loved interior design and would sit in bed at night visualizing how I wanted to decorate a specific space. I’d obsess over it until I found myself getting up, taking out the tape measure and then buying what I needed to create it. One day I came to the realization that most people can’t do this, it’s a talent and I could be doing it for other people. It fully clicked when my son told me I should quit my job and decorate people’s houses for a living. When I asked him why he said, ‘because you’re good at it.’ I started with a photo shoot of my own home, created a website and jobs started coming in pretty quickly. Eventually, I was able to muster the courage to take the leap and turn it into a full-time endeavor.

Do you think the name of your company reflects your design aesthetic?
Absolutely. I love to mix modern/contemporary decor styles with a bohemian vibe. I think the boho aspects make it feel warm and inviting and more like home. But, I love the clean lines and the minimalism of the modern aesthetic.
What are three ways people can make their home or office to make it a happier, more inviting space?
-Add lots of throw pillows and throw blankets to cozy it up.

-Add plants and/or flowers to bring life and color into the space.

-Have an amazing statement rug.

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