Get Creative With Your Closet

Confidence Is Always In Fashion

Have you ever heard the expression, “If you dress better, you’ll feel better”?  Most people roll their eyes at this claim— how could fabric and textiles alter our mental cognition and attitudes towards ourselves? 

There is now scientific evidence to support the claim that clothing can affect our emotions, performance, and mental psyches. Experts have coined the term Enclothed Cognition:  the systematic influence that clothes have on the wearer’s psychological processes and abilities.

We asked style expert Sandi Leffel, founder of Styling With Sandi to give us her 3 best tips on feeling confident in your clothes.

1. If you love it, wear it (regardless if no one else does). Own it. Head high. Chest out. Proud to be you.

2. The 100% rule. Ask yourself, do you love it 100%? If not definitely don't make the purchase. If you own it already, you may even want to reconsider if it should even be living in your closet.

3. The clothing we wear has the power to either MAKE or break our day. It's so important to thoughtfully & intentionally choose outfits that make you feel beautiful when you walk out the door in the morning. If, by choosing a well thought out look, one that is polished and put-together, you feel fabulous in your clothes, then that's a great start to the day. The world will notice and applaud your efforts.

4. Personal Styling is a worthwhile investment because it gives you the tools you need to put great pieces together and come away with a polished look. You can be your authentic, creative and beautiful self - only better!

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