Get Financially Fit!

Fitness is more than physical; making your money work for you can set yourself up for your whole life

The new year brings a new wave of goals and disciplines, as we reevaluate the previous year and brainstorm ways to make the next even better.

Gyms see an influx of new members, all hoping to achieve physical fitness goals that they might not have otherwise placed as a priority. But did you know that while losing weight and joining a gym are the most popular New Year's resolutions, shortly behind them is saving money?

The first step in any transformation is wanting to make the change. Taking that first step into a fitness facility or making the call to ask for financial help can be the hardest step. Once getting the ball rolling, though, you’re on your way to achieving those goals.

“When a new client approaches OnPoint Financial Retirement to learn more about their path to financial freedom, we first get to know them, understand their goals, and their personal views on money,” says Michael Todd, OnPoint’s CEO and owner. “Usually, this is over a cup of coffee at one of our favorite locally owned shops.”

The next step when mapping out your goals is to understand exactly what you’re working toward. “Personal trainers often encourage clients to determine their body mass index and weight as a starting point,” Michael says. “In the same vein, I work with my clients to establish a baseline of where they are financially and where they are going. There is no set amount of money – you just need something left over at the end of the month after your bills are paid. At OnPoint we love what we do because it affords us the opportunity to work with people of all walks of life: We believe that financial freedom and wealth management tools should be afforded to everyone.”

OnPoint guides clients through financial decision-making in the same way that personal trainers coach their clients through regimented workouts and programs. “We don’t use a ‘one size fits all’ approach to working with clients,” Michael says. “Just as anybody going into a gym will tackle very specific fitness goals, every individual client at OnPoint receives their own personal strategy. That’s because every person is unique. We don’t use a broad brush when it comes to our clients – we dedicate time and energy to clients individually to make sure they have exactly what they need to be successful.”

And like any physical fitness journey, financial goals and plans are bound to change. OnPoint clients benefit from informative quarterly meetings focused on how their investments are doing, along with a conversation about short- and long-term goals. “Of course things will change, and we will pivot accordingly,” Michael says.

Already have an advisor? “We would still love to meet you,” Michael says. “Let’s grab coffee. Those thirty minutes together could mean the difference between you just working for your money and having your money work for you.”

Give OnPoint a call at 804-836-3167 or visit the website,

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