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From simple snacks to stunning spreads—learn how to build the perfect charcuterie board.

Derived from the French “chair cuite,” this tasty trend currently translates into the art of arranging meat, cheese and more. Charcuterie specialists abound, serving up bites on boards for 100 or single-serve cups. The price is usually worth the artistry and effort, but what if you want to DIY? Brittany Angilecchia of Britt’s Boards has four no-fail essentials for any board.   

Brittany has been doing dazzling, delicious boards since early 2021, expanding her former friends-and-fam enterprise to its current model of charcuterie caterer and workshop business (she even does private board-building classes in your own home). “I’ve always had a passion for food,” Brittany, a longtime teacher, smiles. “Now I’m taking the teaching part and the food part, and combining them together to create more of an experience.” 

Easy or elaborate, charcuterie board options can be endless (and overwhelming), but Brittany has four mainstays. Her jam of choice? Fig, specifically by Divina. “It’s my favorite jam by far.” For cheese, she chooses BellaVitano Merlot—a sweet-salty fave. “Cheddar is a crowd-pleaser, but you don’t have to go that way.” Fruit-wise, she goes with grapes. “Grapes and cheese pair well together—I like purple over green, sweet versus tart.” And meat—Italian salami, any variety. “I enjoy peppered salami most.”  

Why stop there? If you’re building bigger, Brittany has more tips and tricks. “All my boards have Brie—it pairs really well with jam or honey, and is the one cheese I always include.” For crackers, go with variety packs for different shapes, sizes and textures instead of buying individual boxes. Same with meats—look for trio packs versus buying separately, or have your butcher slice small quantities. Above all, don’t underestimate the time. “On average, a medium board takes at least 60 minutes to put together.” Don’t have a beautiful board? Lay down butcher paper and simply build atop that (grazing tables are in). “It’s more simple than people sometimes think.” Simple and delicious. 

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“I always tell people, ‘you eat with your eyes’ … so when you make a board, create what I call the ‘360 effect,’ making the board desirable to both look at and consume.”


1. Start with an anchor piece—Brie | 2. Add dished delicacies—olives, pickles | 3. Arrange cheeses—sliced, cubed | 4. Add large fruit—grapes | 5. Add meats—sliced, folded | 6. Then fillers—nuts, chocolate, figs, berries | 7. Garnish—cinnamon sticks, fresh herbs, pansies

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