Get Out of the Boat

Is Fear Keeping You From Accomplishing That Next Big Thing in Your Life?

In 2011, Tara and I were in a small boat off the coast of Puerto Escondido, Mexico, for some deep-sea fishing. For most of the two-hour trip, the excursion guides had been chumming the waters with bits of fish behind the boat.

Despite our rods in the water and our guides’ best efforts, we had yet to catch any fish. The sun was out, the day was hot, and the water looked cool. Tara stood in our small boat and asked the guide, "Can I jump in?" 

The two guides looked at each other, then at Tara, to the bits of fish they had been throwing into the water, then back at Tara and, with a shrug, said, “Si, sure.”

Without hesitation, Tara jumped in. As for me, my eyes went wide. Then I thought, “Yeah, I want to jump in, too!” But unlike Tara, my body did not move. It stayed seated in the bench seat. I looked over at Tara swimming in the open ocean with slight envy, but try as I might, when I attempted to muster up the courage to jump into that open water with her… nothing happened. My brain might have said, “Let's do this!” but my body said, “Hell, no; we’ve been chumming the water.”

After a bit, Tara climbed back into the boat, and the excursion continued. 

My thoughts about it did not. I asked myself, "Was I really OK with my wife being out there by herself? If something had happened, would I not have rather had it happen to me than her?"

And when I looked at it, she was fine. She had this great experience swimming in the open water with sea turtles. Oh, did I not mention sea turtles were swimming around the boat?

Now when I am faced with an adventure or challenge that requires me to get out of my safe comfort zone, I tell myself, “Peter, get out of the boat,” and jump into it. No matter what. Nothing great happens sitting on the sidelines. Life will not just happen for you.

Is fear keeping you from accomplishing that next big thing in your life? Is the idea of being uncomfortable keeling from making that much needed change?

Challenges will only sometimes sort themselves out. It will take you to muster up the courage and jump into those unknown waters.

And when you do, as my wife did for me that day, you will encourage others to make leaps of faith in their lives. 

It's now your turn to "Get out of the boat." 

Peter Levinson is the eXp Branch Office Broker for the Levinson Real Estate Team. Find more information at forsaleokc.com or call 405.285.5750.

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