Back-to-School Strategies

Get Ready!

The Countdown Begins

School is on the horizon, and if your child has been lagging in the back-to-school prep department, it’s not too late to get in some important learning before summer is over.

“The best thing parents can do for their kids is to set them up for success,” says Jessica Bush, executive director of Tutor Doctor of North Jersey, which offers personalized, at-home academic tutoring services as well as skill-building classes and test preparation. “Make sure they are blocking out time in order to do their summer school work,” she says.

Read ahead for quick tips from Jessica on how to make the most of the time left before that first day of school.

1. Take the time. Schedule time every day to do something in preparation for school, even if it’s just 15 minutes.

2. Read and write. Reading a few books over the summer isn’t too much to ask. And journaling favorite summer activities will help spark both creativity and imagination.

3. Don’t forget math. Even if it isn’t assigned, find worksheets online to keep those important skills sharpened.

4. Buy the right planner. Take the time to find a homework planner you’re comfortable with and will actually use.

5. Find a prep class. High school students should take a speed-reading course at a local college. It will help with college entrance exams.

Organize It

It’s also never too early to get organized, Jessica says. Spend quality time early on getting lists together for supplies you’ll need. If you have a child going from elementary to middle school, the transition can be challenging.

“All of a sudden kids, go from an environment where everything is planned for them to middle school, where they are expected to figure it out on their own, and that is not easy,” Jessica says.

 1. Time management. Map out a schedule you can stick to, and be sure there is enough time to do assignments as well as review for upcoming tests.

2. Pick the right backpack. Choose a backpack that is both comfortable and able to hold all of your books and supplies.

3. Color coding. Matching folders and book covers in the same color makes it easy to grab from a locker in a hurry.

4. Organizing. Organizing is not just about schoolwork; it is about life. Make sure you spend an important part of every day with friends and doing something you are passionate about.

5. Tutor if needed. Don’t wait until you see C's and D's in the first few marking periods and your child starts to feel overwhelmed. Keep an eye on progress, and provide a tutor early on.

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