Get Ready for An Active Summer With These Easy Fitness Tips

Ditch the Remote and Put on Your Tennis Shoes. MTSU Exercise Science Educator Shares How Easy Changes Lead to Improved Wellbeing

June signals it is time to jump into summer. More than ever, we are ready to head outdoors, share time with friends and family or enjoy a much-needed vacation. Just in case you picked up a pandemic paunch rather than being fit and healthy, you are not alone. Brandon Grubbs, a MTSU exercise science assistant professor, shares doable tips to get you moving and have fun, too!

“The pandemic changed how many of us lived by interrupting daily routines and altering our behaviors. Let’s be honest, one the biggest changes most experienced besides working from home was less daily physical activity. Instead of being outside, we crashed on the couch and searched Netflix for the next series to binge,” said Grubbs “But life is different now and it can be really hard, but not impossible, getting back to the activity level we once practiced.”  

Here are a few pointers from Grubbs to kickstart your routine. 

  • Replace downtime at home with physical activity — Ditch the remote and game controller, spend some time in the yard, mowing or gardening, or playing with pets or children. After all, it’s summertime. 
  • Consider what things you enjoy doing most — Selecting these activities will increase your chances of success & doing them long term. Are lifting weights, riding your bike or taking a swim your jam?  Then do it! Embrace what you love! 
  • Don’t be a superhero! —  If you’ve become less active, it’s possible your fitness level declined as a result. Sad but true, when you don’t use your fitness, you lose it. The strategy is to start low and slow, then increase your frequency of participation. Walk before you run. 
  • Variety is the spice of life and the key to staying active —Incorporating a variety of movement that gets your heart rate up and works your major muscle groups will keep your routine interesting. Instead of just jogging around the neighborhood, go hiking at a favorite park one day, or take your bike to the greenway on another.   

 Move more, stay active, and enjoy life. 

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