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Five Locals Share Their Journey to Get Stronger at Starting Strength Cincinnati

Starting Strength Cincinnati is the most encouraging room in West Chester. Equipped with platforms of custom racks, weights and benches, the barbell gym is staffed by supportive coaches who cheer on its members through every step of building strength. Their personalized direction removes the intimidation of training and invites all people, no matter age or fitness level, to get stronger. 

Starting Strength Cincinnati Owner Luke Schroeder explains the purpose behind the program.

“Strength is the foundation that a healthy existence is built on,” Luke says. “People lose their independence and mobility because they are not strong enough. Human beings are designed to be strong. In the absence of strength, bad things happen: our backs hurt, our knees hurt, we are not capable of doing the things we love to do. You have to be intentional about developing it.” 

Meet five Starting Strength members who are getting strong at this local gym. 

Arpan + Ipsa Patel

Science of Strength

As Arpan and Ipsa Patel of West Chester turn the corner into their 30s, they want to live their best lives. For this professional couple, their choice to do strength training all comes down to science. 

“There’s a general sense of muscle loss as you get older. There are a lot of academic papers on the importance of strength,” Arpan shares. 

“For me it was osteoporosis. My grandfather and my mom have osteoporosis,” Ipsa says. “I want to stay ahead of the game and build bone mass so that I don't have to take medications later in life.”

“And we were looking for something to do together, to hold each other accountable,” she adds. 

Seun Abimbola

Empowered by Community 

Seun Abimbola has been a member of the Starting Strength community for four months. The 25-year-old wants to look fit, but that’s not her goal. 

“I like exercise that is useful,” Seun says. “I don’t think it matters if I have ripped abs if I can’t even pick up anything heavy. I want to be functional and strong.”

Seun completes her workout with uplifting cheers from coaches and other gym members. They are proud of her progress.  

“I appreciate the feel of community here,” she shares. “At other gyms, I end up losing motivation. At this place, it feels more warm and it makes me want to keep coming back.”

Chriss Thompson

Strong Recovery

Just one year ago, 60-year-old Chriss Thompson endured two surgeries to remove a brain tumor. As a competitive bodybuilder for 35 years, Chriss had been training on her own until her diagnosis but was looking for a recovery program with a different mindset. 

“I worked for 35 years to make a good-looking body, but I wasn’t strong,” Chriss shares.

Post-surgery, Chriss’ left side was paralyzed. She is fighting her way to wellness and strength one lift at a time. Starting Strength is helping Chriss reclaim her life and retrain her body. 

“Even after my first session, I was standing straighter and walking better,” she says. “I am able! It feels so good!” Chriss exclaims. 

Ben Wells

Aging Well

At retirement age, Ben Wells’ goal is to promote overall health and avoid the aches and pains of growing older. A year and a half of Starting Strength training is paying off. 

“I can pick up my grandchildren and do normal things without worrying,” Ben notes. “My friends are having knee and hip replacements and their backs are sore…I don’t have any of that.”

The Starting Strength coaches made it easy for Ben to push aside beginners’ nerves. He encourages everyone to try it. 

“Don’t be intimidated—we get intensive one-on-one coaching. You don’t have to be afraid, because there’s someone to show you exactly what you need to do,” he says. 

From ages 11 to 97, Starting Strength members are making strides in strength. 

“We are passionate that strength is the most important thing you can do for yourself,” says Luke. 

Where do you want strength to take you? Schedule a free 30-minute session online or call for a consultation. 513.201.7510 StartingStrengthGyms.com/cincinnati/

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