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Some of you know my mom was a couture buyer, and as such I grew up with “trunk shows.” These scaled-down runway exhibitions were the only way shoppers in the “heartland” (anyplace NOT New York or Milan) learned what was considered chic or stylish that season. The rep for the fashion designer or “label” would literally load that year’s upcoming designs into trunks and they would be unearthed in the local department store for that era’s iteration of influencers.

So, why’d they stop? There are lots of reasons, ranging from the decline in such stores on the local level to the rise of e-commerce and the demise of everyday style generally. (When all else fails, blame the pandemic.)

Except that, as it turns out, at least in Leesburg, they haven’t stopped. Ketterman’s Jewelers’ icons of style, Tammi Ketterman and Richi Norman, are bringing the tradition back, but this time they’re calling their fashion soirees “Get the Look.”

If you’re surprised that Ketterman’s sells women’s fashion and shoes and purses, get with the program! The retailer has stocked classic and cutting-edge fashions from Joseph Ribkoff for several years now as well as Brighton bags and shoes, and is now bringing to shoppers the fine art of one-stop closet rehab.

To fully appreciate the entertainment value and sheer aplomb with which the mother-daughter team work together to elevate your personal style, it would help to know a bit more about why they care. Tammi, we recently learned, routinely carries a $100 bill with her when she travels through airports. “I have it ready to reward anyone I see that has made a special effort to get well dressed for traveling,” she says. After a pause she adds, “I admit I’ve never had to use it!”

Other signature habits: she has been on her way to the dentist and turned around to change her shoes to a nicer pair because, “All people ever see of you in the dentist chair is your feet!” In their jewelry store, all the associates look photo ready, while still seeming comfortable and at ease.

But, back to the concept of “Get the Look.” The way Tammi sees it, there are certain events for which you want to look your best based on context – your work look, your wedding look or even your “life of the party” look. But the intentional double entendre comes from considering “what kind of look do you want to get when you step out in your outfit that you chose very thoughtfully before you headed out to get the mail or to buy some milk or go to the dentist? What kind of looks are you getting and what kind would you like?”

Tammi explains, “When I go somewhere with my husband and somebody says to me, oh my gosh, I love your clothes or oh I love your shoes or whatever, my husband stands a little taller, and shows a little bit of pride that he's married to me and that makes me feel great!”

It doesn’t have to be difficult when you purchase a wardrobe that can be mixed and matched with all its different components to create different impressions. Ketterman’s has chosen Joseph Ribkoff for its style, comfort and affordability, but it also pairs well with the craftsmanship of Brighton’s shoes and purses. But if you see something you love, buy it! Many seasonal items may be ordered in your size, but supply chain issues impact the fashion industry too.

Our advice: keep an eye on Ketterman’s Jewelers’ Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/Kettermans) for your next opportunity to up your game. You’ll be glad you did!

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