Get Well this Summer at CIVANA

The Arizona, Award-Winning Resort offers unique and customizable wellness experiences for all

I think most Arizonians can agree that when Summertime hits, we’re all eager to get out of town or at the very least, mix up our normal routine. In my opinion, staycations are a great way to do it and trust me, we’ve tried our fair share of Arizona resorts.

So as soon as the weather started to change, my husband and I decided to kick off the Summer with a short, local getaway. But after coming out of the last year, we were craving something a bit different. We wanted to find a place that we could unwind, reset, reconnect and be still.

That’s when I remembered reading about CIVANA.

Nestled just outside of Scottsdale, CIVANA is a wellness resort that offers a unique experience for those looking to get away and focus on being well. Something we are all in need of right now. The experience at this small slice of heaven is based on four pillars: Movement, Spa, Nourishment and Discovery. This sounded exactly like the kind of place we were looking for, so we set out to experience all that CIVANA had to offer.

The moment I arrived on the property; I knew that this was a special place. There’s an energy there that’s hard to compare to anything I’ve personally felt before. You instantly feel your body relax and your mind open to whatever is in store for you. As my husband would say, he instantly felt healthier, which probably had something to do with being nowhere near an In-N-Out Burger.

We wanted to make the most of this trip and agreed to immerse ourselves in all four of the pillars.

We started with movement. CIVANA has a robust class schedule ranging from gentle yoga to morning meditations to water aerobics to aerial yoga (my personal favorite). The classes were incredible (and most of them included), and we truly felt our bodies come back to life. It was a beautiful experience. If you ever have a chance to take a class with Emily, you’ll never look at yoga the same.

As if the variety of classes didn’t already make the experience well worth it, the spa may have sealed the deal. The aesthetic is soft, relaxing, and bright, allowing you to feel energized the moment you step through the door. They offer traditional services like massages and facials, but they also offer unique experiences like the Aqua Vitality circuit and Reiki. My favorite part without a doubt was my reiki session and reading in the upstairs relaxation room. I truly felt a whole new wave of energy fill my body and it hasn’t left me since. Self-care can be a powerful tool.

So, if you haven’t already booked your trip, the culinary expertise is unmatched. Nourishment is the perfect word to describe this pillar because that’s exactly how you feel after every meal: nourished. With two onsite restaurants, Seed and Terra’s, you’ll feel energized all day long. From the delicious avocado toast at Seed to the impeccable service at Terra’s (say hello to Ricco for me – he was truly the best), you’ll be in heaven.

Everyone’s definition of wellness is different, but what I love most about CIVANA is it caters to whatever that looks like for you. If wellness is sitting by the pool with a spicy margarita, this is your place. If wellness is a day filled with yoga, meditation, sleep, and exercise, this is also your place. If you aren’t sure what it looks like yet for you, they’ll help you find it.

We all need a little life breathed back into us after the last year and as the world opens back up, CIVANA is the perfect place to recenter, reset and restart. I may or may not have booked another staycation there a few days after leaving…it’s that good and I can’t wait for you to experience it.

This is your one-way ticket back to yourself. I hope you enjoy every second.

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