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When GJ Lifestyle went in search of some DIY Holiday Season decorating tips, Décor and Design by Mariah got the call. 

I’m a Colorado native who loves to transform living space into HOME; a place to truly LIVE. I love all of the variety found throughout Colorado and most of all, I adore the people.  I was born and raised in Silverton, CO where I graduated high school in a class of six! After obtaining a BS degree in Chemistry at Fort Lewis College,  I moved to the city of sun, Phoenix. I worked in an analytical chemistry job for three years, before realizing I belonged in Colorado. I moved back to Grand Junction, and decided I needed a new career. So, I went back to college in Radiology. I loved helping sick people, but shortly after I met my husband and when we had two beautiful boys, and I decided to put my career on hold to raise them.  Now that they are in middle school, I needed to be needed again.

My passion for a perfectly coordinated and gorgeously decorated home was ignited. I see the world differently than others. With an eye for detail, I finally feel, in my niche, and happy too! It took me a bit of time to finally figure out what I wanted to be when I "grew up", BUT I found it! Interior décor and design are my driving desire. I have a portfolio of homes that I’ve staged and those jobs grow into new opportunities every day!  

This Holiday Season, I would like to show you some very simple and easy ideas for decorating. 

The first part of making this decoration is gathering the following supplies: 

  • Window Frame or large picture frame (glass removed) 

  • Faux or fresh evergreen garland 

  • Floral wire  

  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks 

  • Berries, pinecones, Christmas balls, snowflakes, any other bling, you love! 

  • A string of battery-powered lights 

Once supplies are gathered, and glue is hot, begin, by letting your imagination take control. There really isn’t any wrong way of creating a magical and beautiful frame.  There are some simple steps that will help preserve this beautiful creation so that it can be used for many years to come.  

Those include: Using wire instead of glue, will keep items attached. Keep to a color or style theme. Add mementos of those you love. I love the greenery and lights I’ve chosen but like to mix it up with different décor every year. 

This frame is absolutely the best piece to “frame” things you love. Pets, kids, grandkids, a spouse, a grandparent, or even another item! Like a tree or other Christmas item. Keep this beautiful and totally unique piece an annual tradition in your family. You will watch the memories grow, with this beautiful frame consistent and there through the years.  Cheers to doing this easy item yourself.

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