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Dr. James Cullison and the Mojo Vitality team.

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Get Your Mojo Back

Mojo Vitality's Unique Approach to Wellness

The increasing demand on the American Healthcare system weighs on all involved. Doctors feel pressure to see, hear and treat an exorbitant amount of patients flooding waiting rooms daily while complying with the ever-changing demands of insurance companies. The quantity over quality mindset trickles down to patients, who dread doctor visits and leave with a scripted diagnosis at best or, at worst, confusion. 

Longtime Georgia physician James Cullison, M.D., was all too familiar with traditional American medicine's high stakes and low returns. Striving to do better for himself and his patients, Dr. Cullison retired from private practice and opened Mojo Vitality, a holistic approach to physical and mental well-being in East Cobb. His mission is to get patients back to being the best version of themselves with solutions for weight loss, muscle gain, hormone optimization and, as of January, facial aesthetics on Mojo's extensive menu of services.

"It could be a sports performance in college, beating the drums in the band a decade ago, winning a dance-off on a cruise ship, or finishing that triathlon in your 40s," says Dr. Cullison. "Go find that success again, go find that MOJO!"

With almost three decades of experience in urology, female pelvic medicine and reconstructive surgery, Dr. Cullison brings a host of specialties uncommon in today's medical spas and wellness centers. Whether it's weight gain, hormonal imbalance, muscle decline, or aesthetics that cause lost mojo, Mojo Vitality offers safe, discreet and effective treatment. 

Mojo's personable nature is apparent immediately upon a visit to the office. The patient experience is at the forefront of everything they do, so the office is discreetly and strategically located away from busy streets. Patients share their symptoms during a judgment-free consultation with Dr. Cullison and decide on a treatment plan tailored to their needs. No topics are off-limits, and there is no need to rush.

While no two patients are alike, a few select services are becoming increasingly popular for their astounding effectiveness. For weight loss assistance, a common request, Mojo offers two options. Semaglutide, a weight loss prescription like Ozempic and Wegovy, is one, while another is peptide supplements: naturally occurring amino acids that boost muscle production and accelerate fat loss.

Another common problem Mojo has found success addressing is hormonal imbalance. With hormone levels beginning to deplete in those as young as 30, it's no wonder services like hormone replacement therapy and hormone optimization are among some of the most sought-after. Results have the potential to be life-changing, promising improved mood, cardiovascular health, stamina and overall enthusiasm for life. 

While a visit to Mojo Vitality is certain to guarantee great mental and physical shape for 2024, Dr. Cullison stresses good daily habits with diet and exercise.

"Mental health starts with physical health. . . endorphins experienced from exercise or weight lifting are real and have a profound effect on the brain," says Dr. Cullison. "While we offer an array of treatments and medications at Mojo Vitality, we firmly believe that good diet and exercise should be a prerequisite."

Once you're doing all you can for yourself, Mojo Vitality welcomes in-person and virtual patients across East Cobb to sit down, get personal and get the help necessary to "get your mojo back."

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  • Dr. James Cullison and the Mojo Vitality team.
  • Dr. James Cullison, founder of Mojo Vitality.

"Wellness is the achievement of feeling better, looking better and being better. Getting your mojo back is a term near and dear to our hearts because it means something different for everyone." - Mojo Vitality

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