Getting Back to Green

The Lawnsmith Shares Tips to a Healthy Yard

After enduring the long Minnesota winter, spring has finally arrived! It’s now time to get that lawn in order.  Spring is the perfect time to start preparing your lawn for a new season of growth and renewal.

The first step is to clear away all the decayed plant growth that has been hiding under the snow. This will give your lawn an opportunity to fully soak up the sun and warm rains.  Next, you will want to fertilize to help keep crabgrass and other weeds at bay. Applying lawn fertilizers have many factors to consider such as soil type, what fertilizer is right for your lawn and even how your lawn is being utilized. Then comes the big step, maintaining your lawn throughout the year. This is where hiring an experienced lawn service company comes in handy to assess your current lawn condidtion and provide expert guidance to achieve a healthy, green lawn all year long.

Lawnsmith has over 30 years of experience in the Twin Cities lawn service industry, and handled over 1200 lawns in 2019. From basic care practices such as hand weeding to more technical processes like aerating. The Lawnsmith team has mastered the range of lawn services to fit all customer needs.

Spring Services Offered:

·       Lawn mowing – keep your grass at a healthy length. You want to cut small amounts of grass at a time and not wait for weeks to mow. When the grass is to long, you risk cutting off too much and damaging the healthy roots.

·       Aeration- this allows your lawn to breath and brings the soil to top creating a stronger root base. If you have thinner grass, double aeration and over seeding is recommended.

·       Fertilization- giving your lawn extra energy and creating a greener, stronger root system.

·       Watering- your lawn needs the proper amount of watering. When you water less frequently (every third day) the grass and roots dry out and the root system is able to grow. If you overwater, your grass will become unhealthy and rip up easily.

·       Mulching- not only an aesthetic appeal for your lawn, but it’s great to have around plants, trees and flowers to hold the moisture in.

Lawnsmith also offers shrub trimming, weed pulling, spring and fall cleanup services and even snow removal!

If you are ready to achieve a perfect, healthy & green lawn this season, contact Lawnsmith at 952-937-5000 or visit www.the-lawnsmith.com for more information or to request a free estimate.

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