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USHealth Advisors’ Cindy Corban Discusses The Viability Of Private Health Plans

Prior to becoming an agent for USHealth Advisors in 2017, Cindy Corban spent 30 years in healthcare as a therapist. That experience serves her well when she meets with people to discuss their specific health insurance needs.

Who should consider purchasing a private health insurance plan?
Small-business owners, self-employed individuals, or those covered by expensive group plans, can benefit greatly from a personal plan. These are customizable plans, not cookie-cutter molds, that provide protection from financial hardships that can be brought
on by unexpected health emergencies.

How do private plans stack up against group insurance?
Premiums for many group plans are based on the average age of employees. That leaves many employees, especially those under the average age, paying very high monthly premiums. Depending on how much of the cost the employer covers, adding a
spouse or a child to a group plan can be expensive. Under those conditions, it’s possible to save money by placing the spouse or child into a private plan.

What are some factors that will determine if a private plan is a viable option?
Know what happens when you go to the doctor. If you know what your co-pays, deductibles and prescription costs will be, you can compare those expenses to your premiums and determine if it’s a good value. Yes, it can be confusing. That’s why I work with my clients to help them make the best decision.

Why do clients of USHealth Advisors private plans have peace of mind?
Their plans are with United Healthcare, which has the nation’s largest network of doctors and hospitals. So my clients have coverage just about everywhere they go, and they won’t need to meet a deductible for lab work or any appointment with a doctor, including chiropractors and specialists. And they can call or text me anytime they have questions. I’m passionate about helping others.

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