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Collins Landscaping

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Getting Ready For Summer

We’re here to help with your summertime prep!

We are always planning and hoping for those carefree days by the pool or on a boat. However, there’s a lot of maintenance that must be done to have those tranquil days. We want to help make those cumbersome tasks easier on you; here are a few of our favorite local businesses that we trust to help us get ready for summer. 

Bugs Be Gone— this is a huge game-changer! We had Bugs Be Gone installed on our dock out on the lake, and it immediately became spider-free! We spend hours outside fishing, grilling, and more without having to worry about bug swarms and their bites. It is a must for a lakeside living! 

Burks Brothers Pools and Spas— we love our pool and spa! Burks Brothers built our pool in the 90s and it still looks amazing, thanks to their dutiful maintenance. They also flawlessly upgraded it to a saltwater pool. Check them out on FB for all of your pool and spa needs! 

Free State Boat Docks— Dan and Justin Hogan are making beautiful docks on Smith Lake! They are Smith Lake’s #1 Manufacturer of docks, and build durable but cool docks! Check them out at on FG and IG.

Collins Landscaping— The Collins are longtime residents of Cullman. They started their business over twenty-five years ago, and are the best at getting your yard ready for the summer. They offer services such as mowing, weed eating, mulch, and more!

Southern Heritage Restoration— a local gold mine! Melissa and I love visiting here. The owner can make anything for you, from outdoor kitchen coolers and chairs to doors and porch bed swings! Check out Paul Moss and all of his amazing products on his FB page! 

“Here are our favorite local businesses that aid in summer preparation!”

  • Bugs Be Gone made our dock a spider-free dock!
  • Collins Landscaping
  • Free State Boat Docks
  • Southern Heritage Restoration
  • Burks Brothers Pools and Spas