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How B3 Bands are revolutionizing the fitness industry

Article by Patranya Bhoolsuwan

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Originally published in Red Rock City Lifestyle

“We don’t stop moving because we get old. We get old because we stop moving.”

For John Wetzel, an independent consultant with the company B3 Sciences, his work is about encouraging people of all ages to keep moving throughout their lives. But he said it’s not just about moving, but doing so in a smarter way that promotes elevated Human Growth Hormone or HGH.

“I was introduced to B3 Bands last July, and after trying them for just a few workouts, I was blown away,” said Wetzel. “I got on board, and it has changed everything for me.”

B3 Bands are a new technology in exercise distributed by B3 Sciences, a company based in Texas and founded by Dr. Mike Debord, a former sports chiropractor. Dr. Mike has done extensive research on Blood Flow Restriction training, or BFR, and now teaches health and athletic professionals all over the world how to implement BFR. He has developed a system in which anyone can take advantage of this technology right at home. Simply put, when you place the B3 Bands on your arms and legs, there is a natural and safe manipulation of the body's circulatory system. With this manipulation, your muscles have less oxygen to work with. 

"You may have seen endurance athletes using an oxygen mask on the treadmill to reduce training time and improve results," said Wetzel. "Imagine putting the oxygen mask on each muscle you were exercising. Your exercise would be easier, faster, and produce better results. This is what the B3 Bands do! Plus, they are easy to apply and safe for people who can already do normal exercise. It doesn't matter who you are. Whether you are nine years old or 90, you will see a difference and the fitness results you are looking for when you are working with B3 Bands."

The Bands also come with free coaching so anyone can get started and follow along with fun exercise videos. The B3 Bands include a 30-day money-back guarantee and a virtual coach who will be available to answer any questions you have. Whether it be to lose weight, build muscles, strengthen your cardiovascular system, or get better at the sports you are playing, the B3 Bands could be a game changer.

“Imagine going for a 10-minute walk and getting the benefits of high-intensity running,” said Wetzel. “We are not changing anything you are doing. We are just depleting oxygen in the muscle. It’s about working easier and smarter to get the results you are looking for.”
And Wetzel has seen the incredible results first-hand with a recent local client named Anthony. According to Wetzel, Anthony was involved in a car accident in 2013 when he was 21. And for nearly a decade, he had limited mobility and had to use a walker to get around. Wetzel introduced him to using B3 Bands and the BFR training program, and he said the results were "life-changing" for Anthony.

“Just after five squats, Anthony said he was feeling things in his muscles that he hadn’t felt in many years,” said Wetzel. "When I saw him smile, I just started crying. This kid had gone through so much. To be able to see that change in him was amazing.”

But Wetzel said Anthony’s story didn’t end there. He said just after a few weeks of working with him. Anthony was hit by a car and shattered his hip, broke his foot, and messed up his spine. Doctors initially told Anthony his rehab was going to take at least 4 to 6 months. But Wetzel said Anthony got back into using the B3 Bands after that accident, and even his doctors were surprised by the recovery.

“The doctors said he was healing much faster than expected,” said Wetzel. “Anthony was using the bands two months after the accident, and we can see his body getting bigger almost right away. They even gave him the nickname "Armstrong.” The accident happened on October 24th. Anthony was able to be home by December 16th.

“I was actually with Anthony and his family on Christmas Eve, and he’s doing so great," said Wetzel. "It’s amazing to see how much he has improved in such a short time. These bands did really help him get stronger."

Wetzel says that regardless of your age or fitness level, B3 Bands and the BFR training program can work for you. He said the older population could especially benefit.

“According to the American Heart Association, adults need to get 300 minutes of moderate-intensity aerobic activity and strength training every week combined. That's 5 hours! How many older people do you know who will do that? Not many," said Wetzel. "With B3 Bands, you can achieve this in 100 minutes or less."

B3 Bands are currently priced at $450 and come with two bands for the arms and two bands for the legs, along with an easy-to-use pump. If you exercise five times a week with the Bands for two years, your cost is less than $1 per session.

Wetzel added, “You can only get the Bands on our website at, and the key reason is that we want our customers to get results. This is why we educate and coach everyone. If people see cheap BFR Bands in stores or online, you should be cautious for two important reasons: most people have no idea what to do with them, and they are not proven safe. There is a reason B3 Bands are in NFL Training Rooms and doctor’s offices across the country."

B3 and distributors like Wetzel say they stand behind their products and are committed to helping you achieve results, whether you are a professional athlete or a fitness newbie.

"Whether you are nine years old or 90...You will see a difference when you are working with B3 Bands."

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