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Getting to Know A Local Artist

Joshua Scott

What got you started with photography?

I started taking photos when I was 8 or 9. We were on a family vacation in Aspen at the John Denver Sanctuary, and I saw a doe drinking by a snowy lake. I snapped a photo with a disposable camera, and it came out so amazing that my mom had it painted on an antique metal milk can. I think that's when I knew it was my calling. 

I actually learned on film and in the darkroom, so that ages me a little. I joined the yearbook team for three years in high school as the photographer on campus. In 2001, I went to Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs and took photography classes with some of the best photographers in the industry. My professor Klaus Kocher said I had the best eye in the class, which really boosted my confidence, and I aced the class.

What is your favorite style of photography?

Landscape photography is my favorite due to the relaxing and calming vibes of mother nature. Whenever I'm in the mountains or the landscapes we call home, I'm in my element. Doing portraits in these beautiful landscapes really is amazing.

What gives you inspiration for your work?

The beautiful region we live in truly inspires the photos I take. Colorado has been home since 2001, and I have discovered the most breathtaking backdrops and landscapes imaginable. The Colorado National Monument & the Grand Mesa are huge inspirations. The clients and families I work for also inspire me with their loving stories. I see their love for each other and want to make that shine naturally.. 

What do you like to do when you aren’t taking photos? 

I love to hike and kayak all over the region. I also enjoy taking little trips to Glenwood Springs, Steamboat Springs, or wherever I feel like at the moment. I love being so close to all these fantastic towns and getting to experience the Colorado Lifestyle and share my adventures via social media. I also enjoy shopping locally and supporting the local community any way I can. 

Do you have a favorite local artist? 

Oh, this is a tough one. I have three that tie for favorite: Lily Cain Studio, Lori Ruiz Watercolor, and Heidi Ruckman Art. They are all so talented with watercolor, and I own 10+ pieces from each.

What is your favorite thing about our valley?

John Otto's trail on the Colorado National Monument. It's a great place to think and just take it all in. 

Do you have a favorite place to take photos in the valley?

It's so hard to pick just one spot. I feel every part of the Grand Valley is beautiful in its own way. The location I shot today is my favorite answer to give when people ask.

What are your goals for the coming year?

I really want to give back to the community more through my photography and donate to charity events or silent auctions. This is a fantastic community; the people are so rad, so giving back is a must in my eyes. 

Do you have a favorite local event?

Country Jam, of course. I'm a country boy at heart and have gone for years. I love that they let me bring in my camera to capture the event last year and share it with Grand Junction Lifestyle Magazine. I was one of three on-site cameras and loved zooming in on the artists and fun happenings all weekend. 

Do you have a favorite local restaurant?

Devil's Kitchen on CMU Campus for the incredible views of the Grand Valley, excellent service, and delicious creations. It's a must for all locals and visitors and great for date nights or special occasions. 

Do you have any advice for people that want to start getting into photography? 

My biggest tip is to shoot during "Golden Hour" (first hour after sunrise and last hour before sunset). It's my favorite time of day to shoot because the natural light is even, and magical things can happen with your images. Also, always have a backup SD card just in case, and a second charged battery too. 

What do you like to “make” with your photography? 

I like to create or evoke emotions from people that view my landscapes or family and wedding photos. I want candid moments that speak to them and create a story they can relive in their hearts and minds when they see the image. As Ansel Adams said, "You don't take a photograph; you make it." So making those emotions come out with what I capture is my goal.

Black and white or color photos?

The colors are always so magical in this region, but sometimes black and white can make a stronger impression and are always timeless, so it's normal for me to throw in black & white for free with senior portraits or for couples and weddings. 

Pineapple on pizza?

Heck yes, but it must have Jalapenos paired with it. 

Where can people follow you on social media? /

Follow along: 

Business Instagram - @joshuascott_llc 

Personal Instagram - @joshuascott83 

How can people set up appointments with you? 

Email is the best way to book with me.