Getting to Know Passion Collective

Q & A with Founder Laura Best

Q: What is Passion Collective and what inspired you to start it?

A: We’re a community of 1200+ women who are helping each other thrive in work and life. In 2014, I was a marketing executive, a new mom and checking the boxes of “success.” Yet, I was questioning how I used my talents at work and why. I missed the incredible women I knew – who were all doing the same – chasing careers, building lives – and wanted to explore this with them. I couldn’t find a community that offered this, so started my own!

Q: How do you think women have benefited from joining Passion Collective?

A: Our “Passionados” find a safe, encouraging space to take off their armor and be themselves. We give cash and coaching to women who are following their passions with our Atomic® Grants and we’re helping each other nurture creativity, confidence, business connections - all of it!

Q: Have you pivoted in the wake of Covid-19? What are you offering virtually?

A: Our community doubled in size in 2020! We were known for our in-person events – we were planning to add digital, so we accelerated the launch of our new online home, Passion Collective On Demand, in June.  Now, Passionados get all of their events, workshops, connections and content in one place, on their schedule. We love it!

Q: How do readers get involved?

A: Become a Passionado without spending a cent at, or join Passion Collective On Demand at

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