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An assortment of local gifts to give to him & her, the kids, and your furry friends!

Westfield and Southwick are filled with stores ideal for the shopping season. Stretching from Route 20 through The Gaslight District in downtown, our streets are spotted with small businesses and family-owned franchises where you can find the perfect present for everyone on your list.

Recently renovated, Giftology (99 Springfield Rd, Westfield) is a treasure-trove galore. He & she can hold a hot toddy in hand thanks to tumblers by Brumate in almost every color & style, even including an impressive backpack keg. Barefoot Dreams? Come join cloud nine! Blankets, slippers, cardigans, and robes weaved with custom fabrics unparalleled to touch. Giftology is not just cozy chic but also a mix of sweet and serious. Stumble upon housewares like serving trays for tea & treats, tasteful bookmarks, and more. Carefully select something heartfelt and pristine for a special farewell.

If satire is more your style, check out all the fun at Hilltown Chic (24 School St, Westfield). The staff stocks up on all things cheeky, brash, and brazen. Do you need a discrete way to tell your guests how you really feel? You'll find platters, napkins, dish rags, and other gag gifts to remind visitors to return for more laughter... or not.

Conjoined next door is a sultry yet simple and sophisticated clothing store - Be Bella Boutique (34 School St, Westfield). Fashionistas from all ages will love the trendy looks the staff piece together. There is a range of sizes and styles that vary with the season, but the fabrics & outfits offered are long-lasting. Inventory is always being updated so pop in frequently to get your fix and find a polished piece for someone during the holidays!

Self-care is a vibe and Champagne Apothecary (38 School St, Westfield) emanates its own frequency reverberating with holistic health and wellness. Inside are handmade elixirs made by Amber - a professional connoisseur of skincare and herbalism. It's not as witchy as it sounds though. Champagne Apothecary is a brightly lit, cute little store that smells superb inside and offers loose leaf tea, beard balms & oils, books, and body care. A's Favorite Things include her ETHYST® facial cleanser, oil, toner & serum.

BudSuds Soapery (14 School St, Westfield) crafts artisan soaps, bath-bombs, candles, body scrub, and more. The owners continually experiment with natural fragrances to create healing aromas like Rosemary & Peppermint, Lemon Charcoal CBD, and their famous Circuit Coffee collab made with cocoa butter & organic chocolate bar.

Locally, there's an array of pet stores to patronize such as Scooter’s Bark & Bubbles, Westfield Feed, K-9s & Felines, Smithland (former Agway), and Simon Sez. When it's time to wash the pooch, bring your pup over to Scooter's Bark & Bubbles (185 College Hwy, Southwick) for their self-wash or grooming services. The owners at Westfield Feed (288 Union St, Westfield) are knowledgeable in helping you find ways to supplement your pet's meals. Smithland (81 Springfield Rd, Westfield) has an assortment of toys and tools to keep your dog's mind active during meals or the day at home. K-9s and Felines (45 Southwick Rd, Westfield) has a nifty little tool called a Tick Key that can go in your pocket, wallet, or on a keyring to keep your pet free from pests. And, if your dog is pulling, perhaps it’s time to consider a Sprenger prong Collar from Simon Sez (77 Main St, Westfield).

Whatever your gifting needs, you’re sure to find something on the following pages that fulfills your checklist. Although quaint and seemingly quiet, the two towns of Westfield & Southwick are abundant with businesses looking to make your wishlist come true.

With a name like Giftology, this spot knows how to finesse the gift-giving season. From cozy, luxe textiles for cuddling inside to oversized tea & coffee tumblers keeping you fueled all day, there is a vast variety of presents in store. You can also knock your holiday shopping out on School Street in Westfield, too. This little lane is a powerhouse for small businesses including high-quality bath products, stylish clothes & accessories, cheeky gifts for home & office, and top-tier skincare & wellness items for both men and women.

Did you know Westfield has a packy turned toy-store? PLAYNOW! is a hidden gem for kids and the young-at-heart alike. Staff members are kind and cultured on all things toys from the classics to collectibles, staying on top of what is trending. From faux Taco Tuesday for the kids to ride-on trolley luggage sets for travel, this small store resembles a treasure chest.

Have a dog who wears a harness but loves to pull on walks? Seeking to improve your furry friends' meals but not sure what to add? Wondering how to keep Fido busy while you work from home? The Pet section offers some drool-worthy hints with the potential to help - all thanks to local stores!

  • Charcoal & Tea Tree Soap BudSuds Soapery $8
  • Nag Champa Soap BudSuds Soapery $8
  • Cowhide Bag Be Bella Boutique $65
  • Leopard Print Backpack Be Bella Boutique $68
  • Black Suede Boots Be Bella Boutique $82
  • Black Suede Boots Be Bella Boutique $82
  • Green/Black Plaid Jacket Be Bell Boutique $58
  • Pink/Beige Plaid Jacket Be Bell Boutique $58
  • Blue/Brown Plaid Jacket Be Bell Boutique $58
  • Tote Bag Hlilltown Chic $28
  • Charcuterie Board Hilltown Chic $33
  • Apron Hlilltown Chic $30
  • Assorted Gift Bags Hlilltown Chic $6
  • Assorted Gift Bags Hlilltown Chic $6
  • Sign Decor Hlilltown Chic $20
  • Napkins Hilltown Chic
  • Barefoot Dreams Blanket Giftology
  • Barefoot Dreams Slippers Giftology $68
  • Chocolate Face Mask Giftology $25
  • Barefoot Dreams Pink Blanket Giftology $120
  • Brumate Toddy XL Giftology $39.99
  • Davi & Dani Red/Green Plaid Jacket Giftology $76
  • Ganz Cora Doll PLAYNOW! $27.99
  • Magnetic Games PLAYNOW! $6.99
  • Bruder Skid Steer PLAYNOW! $28.99
  • Djeco La Balade du Tigre Puzzle PLAYNOW! $12.99
  • Djeco Leo le Pand Puzzle PLAYNOW! $15.99
  • Taco & Tortilla Set PLAYNOW! $34.99
  • Rock Tumbler PLAYNOW!
  • Pattern Block & Board Set PLAYNOW! $24.99
  • Pokemon PLAYNOW! $22.99
  • Ride-On Trolley Luggage $89.99
  • Locking Barn & Farm Animals PLAYNOW!
  • Andy Kids Coding Robot PLAYNOW! $49.99
  • STEM Cyborg Hand PLAYNOW! $44.99
  • Freeze Dried Beef/Chicken Liver Westfield Feed $14.99
  • Green Tripe Smithland $25.99
  • Dr. Marty's Freeze Dried Raw Food Westfield Feed $32
  • Natural Dried Beef Trachea Westfield Feed $15.99
  • Sprenger Prong Collar Simon Sez Pets  $ Varies
  • JW Hollee Roller Smithland $15.99
  • Egyptian Rose Face Oil Champagne Apothecary $29
  • Tick Remover Key K9s and Felines $6.99
  • Grooming Services Scooter's Bark & Bubbles $ Varies
  • Grooming Services Scooter's Bark & Bubbles $ Varies
  • Grooming Services Scooter's Bark & Bubbles $ Varies
  • Christmas Toys Smithland $13.99