Gifts for Every Occasion… Even the Last Minute!

Whether you forgot your spouse’s birthday present or need a congratulatory gift, Gift-ology is your one-stop shop for all gifts!  With a prime location on Springfield Road in Westfield, you can grab your groceries, run your errands, and stop for the gift you need for tonight’s party.  From clothing and accessories to home decor and celebratory gifts, Gift-ology has a special gift for everybody.

Tiffany Hannoush opened her first Gift-ology store in 2008 at the Eastfield Mall.  After a quick year of success and wanting something she could grow as her sons went off to preschool, two more locations opened in Longmeadow, MA and Buffalo, NY.  Before long, Tiffany was running 15 Gift-ology stores!  Now, Tiffany’s main focus is on one store—Westfield.  “We opened in Westfield in June 2020.  It was tough leaving Longmeadow after 11 years, but it was such a worthwhile move!”

Tiffany can now focus on the market for the Westfield area and see what the customers respond to in order to bring in new items.  Gift-ology is always listening to their customers’ suggestions; Tiffany’s main goal is to learn what customers want and how to improve the store, in order to keep growing.  Their main gift recipients are women ages 18-80.

So, how are things going since moving to Westfield?  Tiffany lights up as she speaks about her new customers.  “Westfield is incredible; the customers are amazing.  I can’t tell you how many times a customer comes in and says, ‘Wow, Westfield needed this!’  We were welcomed with open arms.  This store is a true labor of love, and the customers make it so worthwhile.”

Impressively, Gift-ology works with 125 brands, 110 of which are small businesses.  Popular gifts at the store include Pandora, Dune Jewelry, handmade signs, wedding and engagement gifts, birthday presents, baby supplies, and accessories.  However, the items you find at Gift-ology you cannot find everywhere; you will find a very diverse range of product offerings, and items are even able to be customized and personalized.  The recipient of your gift will feel like extra effort went into choosing a considerate gift.  Gift-ology truly has a little bit of everything, for everyone, at every price point.

Tiffany and her women-led staff are here to help you choose the best gift.  “Most customers don’t really know what they’re looking for when they come into the store,” she says.  “So my staff, the ‘Gift-ologists,’ learn about the customer and gift recipient, to help them find the perfect, unique, and thoughtful gift in no time at all.”  

Gift-ology’s customer service, and the fact that 90% of their products are made in the United States, sets them apart from others.  “We never have an issue with supply or stocking the shelves because we buy locally and sell locally.”  Additionally, Gift-ology offers two premium services—gift wrapping with Tiffany’s gorgeous signature wrapping paper, and interior design help.

Tiffany wants her customers excited about the gifts they are giving.  She recalls a customer who chose a Westfield 01085 pillow for her niece that now lives in New York City; the pillow seems custom-ordered and well thought out, and the recipient loves having a piece of home.

What’s coming for Gift-ology?  Although the store is revamped every day and for every season, you can expect to see a focus on interior design, including furniture and lighting, and additional accessory items, like new jewelry, coming in the future.  Tiffany and her staff also look forward to hosting more monthly events, including a tutorial for hand-painting wine glasses and creating the perfect charcuterie board.

“We want to respect everyone’s space in the market; relationships are important.  We are working hard to fit in and see what we can offer that other businesses are not,” Tiffany says of her ideas for growth and expansion.  “We are a small business that wants to support other small businesses.”

Stop by Tiffany’s shop at 99 Springfield Road Monday-Saturday, or visit their website at to shop all products.

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