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Local Business Men Create Thrills and Items Dads Will Enjoy

What do you get the man of your life for Father's Day? Our editor, Margie Taylor, explored unique items and activities available in our community to fill this role. What she found may surprise you and him!

Wilke's Badass Pits

Brian Wilke started making fire pits to take to his deer lease and enjoy with friends while grilling and sharing a drink, but before long, all those friends wanted a fire pit of their own. They were attracted to Brian's design because they are made with 16-inch pipe legs and footrests that save the soles of your shoes from fire damage.

In 2006, the Wilkes went into business, fabricating these heavy-duty stainless steel fire pits in downtown Conroe. Each pit may be customized with lettering or designs cut in the perimeter allowing the shapes to glow through the flames. A family name, a sports team, or pretty much anything creates a unique effect all its own. A standard stainless steel pit starts at $630 and goes up. Shop

Colin Edwards's Texas Tornado Boot Camp

Born in Conroe, Colin Edwards was among the top-ranked junior motocross competitors in the United States. In 1991 he competed in amateur road racing events and turned professional in 1992. Edwards rode professionally until he retired halfway through the 2014 season with a broken collarbone. Now your can sign your dad up to learn from this two-time World Superbike champion.

All meals, snacks, lodging, and bikes are provided with classes taught by instructors and Colin Edwards himself. Dirt Wars and Racers camps are two of your options, but a favorite is the four-day "Colin Edwards Experience."

On this adventure, you get your gear and check into the bunkhouse on Day 1, then head out the track for preliminary instructions, go for a night ride, and end the day by a campfire with a cold beer. Day 2 starts with instructional lessons on the gun range or a ride around the track. If you choose the gun range, you still have time for two more rides before the day ends. You end each day hanging out with Colin at the campfire. Day 3 is a repeat with further instructions. Day 4 includes awards and a possible Wheelie School session. If you don't have time for the entire 4-day camp, you can compete in a Mad Dog event with your own bike.

Taverns to Go

Outdoor spaces get lots of notice when you have your own backyard bar by Taverns to Go. Each tavern is constructed on-site and can be ready to decorate in less than 90 minutes. There are options to add a television, refrigerator, and whatever color or theme that works for your home and personality. You choose whether you want paint or wood stain and if you want the entry on the left or the right. Pretty simple! 30" bar stools are also available! Ensure you order in advance since the bars can take up to 6 weeks to deliver.

Speedsportz Racing Track in New Caney

If your Pops feels the need for speed, fulfill it while racing a go-kart at 45 mph! Founder of Speedsportz Racing Park, Alan Rudolph, is a champion kart racer and, in addition, has trained NASCAR drivers.

Open to the public, the Kart Racing Experience is a must for thrill seekers who want to know the excitement of professional go-kart racing. The experience is available in the evenings on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each week. The ARRA Kart Racing Experience utilizes 125cc Rotax TAG karts, capable of up to 70 mph.  

Of course, you can start with a 10-minute track session and work your way up once you feel the sensation and need the extra thrill. Bring the kids to ride with you as long as they are 14 or older! It is located on Hwy 242 at US 59 and is an easy 30-minute drive from Conroe. 

One Last Thought

Does your man prefer to celebrate with a little less adventure? Then bring him to downtown Conroe to relax with a cold German pilsner. You can get one house-brewed at Fass Brewing in the historic Gentry Building at 236 N. Main. 

Before you call it a night, walk just past the Crighton Theatre to the Branding Iron Custom Goods and pick out a leather wallet or fishing/hunting knife case. They also carry caps, sunglasses, and many other authentic Conroe items. All made right here in the United States!

On second thought, you may want to shop before you drink.

Nicknamed the "Texas Tornado," Colin Edwards is a two-time World Superbike champion who started The Texas Tornado Bootcamp, a premiere Yamaha motorcycle training facility with a 4-day camp located on 20 acres in Montgomery. 

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