Girl Gang Power

Chaos Salon empowers, uplifts customers

Stepping into Chaos Salon in Mount Clemens, you know immediately that it is not just your run-of-the-mill place to get your hair done. And that’s the goal of owner Jennifer Magri who wants to ensure that the experience clients have is one of a kind.

“Our sole mission is to provide self-care services to make every guest feel their absolute best. We are your home away from home,” said Magri. “We want Chaos to be everyone’s safe and happy place.”

"We’re a sisterhood of empowered women who support each other every day. We don’t just do hair, we’re professional day-makers. We’re all about lifting each other up; when you come here, you’re part of the Chaos Girl Gang.”

Chaos first opened in 2005 on New Street and then in 2012, Chaos moved to its current location at 116 Macomb Place. The new space – renovated by Magri and her father Mike Maxwell – boasts twice the square footage on three levels. Magri said they focused on keeping the unique historic architecture of the building including eight-foot ceilings and original molding, in order to create a welcoming, warm space for clients.

“We wanted to be a place where people didn’t feel the need to get dressed up to be pampered. A judgment-free zone,” Magri said. The salon is 100 percent woman-owned and operated, and the long-time staff of stylists fall into one of three categories: senior, master or expert based on experience, reputation and demand.

Self-care is an important feature of our salon services. A popular trend this year is balayage, which is a highlighting technique that doesn't use foils. Instead, the hair colorist hand-paints color directly onto the hair, creating a more natural, blended, sun-kissed color. For men – who make up about 30 percent of the salon’s clients – the trend is longer hairstyles that are kept neat and trimmed. But the heartfelt aspect of Chaos Salon that will never go out of style is Magri’s and the Girl Gang’s dedication to giving each client the highest quality – most welcoming – experience possible.

From getting ready for first dates, homecoming dances, wedding days, and every day in between, Magri said “We want to empower you to slay the day by helping you look and feel your best…So come in, have a glass of wine, some good conversation, and just hang out with good friends who support you.”

For more information about Chaos Salon, call 586.465.2278 or visit

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