Girl Scouts

Empowering Young Women through Leadership and Community Service

The Girl Scouts organization has been a cornerstone of empowering young girls and women for over a century.  Founded in 1912 by Juliette Gordon Low, the movement has grown into a global force for positive change, fostering leadership skills, community engagement, and personal growth.  

The key principle of Girl Scouts is to build courage, confidence, and character in its members.  Through a variety of activities, girls learn to navigate challenges, make decisions, and develop resilience.  The iconic Girl Scout Cookie Program, for example, is more than just a fundraiser; it teaches essential entrepreneurial skills like goal setting, money management, and teamwork.

Beyond cookies, the Girl Scouts offer a wide range of badges and activities that cover an array of subjects, from STEM to outdoor skills, arts and crafts, and community service projects.  This diversity allows girls to explore their interests and discover their passions, fostering a sense of autonomy and self-discovery.

The Girl Scout Leadership Experience (GSLE) is a framework that guides the organization’s activities, ensuring that girls develop key leadership skills that prepare them for a lifetime of leadership. The GSLE focuses on three key processes: girl-led, learning by doing, and cooperative learning, creating an environment that empowers girls to take the lead in their own development.

Community service is at the heart of the Girls Scouts’ mission. Girls are encouraged to identify needs in their communities and take action to address them.  This emphasis on service instills a sense of responsibility and empathy, teaching girls that they have the power to make a positive impact on the world around them. Whether it’s cleaning up a local park, organizing a food drive, or participating in global initiatives, Girl Scouts learn the value of giving back. 

The inclusivity of the Girl Scouts is another key aspect of its success.  The organization is open to all girls, regardless of background, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status.  This commitment to inclusivity ensures that girls from diverse backgrounds come together, fostering a sense of unity, and breaking down social barriers. 

Girls from local Troop 15029 were excited to share what they love most about being a Girl Scout.  Gabby says, “ I love being a Girl Scout because we learn to work hard and never give up.  Selling cookies so we can do activities is really fun.”  Other comments from the troop were, “Crafts are really fun”, and “We get to do activities and spend time with our friends”.  It is obvious that the sweet girls in Troop 15029 are honored to be in this sisterhood together.  They all spoke with pride and excitement.

In conclusion, the Girl Scouts organization has played a vital role in empowering young girls and women for over a century.  Through a combination of leadership development, diverse activities, community service, and inclusivity, Girl Scouts are equipped with the skills and confidence to navigate the challenges of life and become leaders in their communities and beyond.  As the organization continues to evolve, its timeless values and commitment to empowering girls remain at the forefront ensuring that future generations of Girl Scouts will continue to make a positive impact on the world.


build courage, confidence, and character

Girl Scouts learn the value of giving back

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