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Giuseppe Paternoster: The Wine Whisperer

The Lowdown on Being a Sommelier

Have you ever wondered who that well-dressed person is at fancy restaurants, swirling wine and talking about tannins and terroir? Meet the sommelier—the ultimate wine guide for your dining experience. Think of them as your personal flavor matchmaker, pairing the perfect wine with your meal and ensuring your dinner goes from good to unforgettable.

Initially, the word sommelier had nothing to do with sophistication; it comes from an Old French term, which translates as beast of burden, for a guy responsible for tasting the king’s food, including booze. Over time, it’s become a profession for folks who know their wine. They’re trained to serve wine and tell its story—where it comes from, what makes it unique, and why it’s the ideal choice for beef bourguignon or vegan risotto.

If we’re talking about top-tier sommeliers, Giuseppe Paternoster is the name you should know. Born in a wine-loving Italian town, this guy took his passion to the next level. Inspired by the love his grandfather, who was a WWII veteran, had for wine, he became a Silver-Pin Sommelier. He schooled himself in the art of wine and worked under renowned sommeliers, soaking up their wisdom like a fine Bordeaux soaking up the sun.

Today, Giuseppe is the go-to guy for your wine-tasting experience. What sets him apart? He believes each bottle of wine tells a story—a blend of the land it comes from, the weather of that year, and the people who made it. With Giuseppe, wine tasting isn’t just “sip and see.” It’s an experience—a tour of the senses he carefully curates to complement your meal and enrich your evening.

In honor of his grandfather, Giuseppe is hosting a charity event called “Gourmet of Generosity” this November in Driftwood, TX. The event aims to benefit veterans, so watch for details—you won't want to miss it.

So, hire a sommelier the next time you want a full-experience dinner. And if it’s Giuseppe, you’re in for a treat—expect an evening that’s not just tasty but truly memorable.

Learn more at the charity event’s website, the Sommelier Consulting Group’s website, and on Instagram at @somm.peppe.

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