Give the Gift of Wellness This Season

Prime IV Hydration has presents for those who have it all, including yourself

Now that we’ve entered the home stretch for holiday shopping, many are left wondering what to get that loved one who seemingly has it all. Or they are contemplating an escape during what can be deemed a very stressful season.

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness in Summerlin prides itself on being the perfect choice for the above dilemmas and is rooted in scientific wellness practices. Prime IV helps aid many ailments, from low energy to weight loss, gut health, hydration, stronger nails, and more. These are just to name a few. They also have IVs available for those who simply need a break from a busy life. 

Owner Lisa Bayardo owns and operates the Summerlin location with her husband, and they hope to open a Centennial Hills location in the future. As a mom to four children, Lisa is passionate about health and wellness and considers herself a partner to her clients along their own wellness journeys.

When we asked Lisa who the ideal customer is for Prime IV Hydration, she responded unequivocally, “Who is it NOT for? We have a spectrum of customers with different needs. We have high school athletes who come in before a big game, and we have people in their 70s who want to stay hydrated and feel better in the summer months. We also have a cute story about a husband and wife who come in together during their lunch break and get drips as a mid-day date.”

As for people’s goals when they walk through the door, Lisa says it’s extremely varied. “We work with our patients in a very customized way, and if we don’t have a drip for what they need, we can make one.” 

The only caveat Lisa would like to mention is if someone is being treated for a serious illness such as cancer or if they are pregnant. In this case, Lisa and her team will need approval from the patient's doctor directly to begin services. Lisa emphasizes that she makes it easy for their doctors or care providers by sending them all the information and ingredients directly. And she’s available in case they have any questions before an approval or denial of treatment. She then keeps the doctor’s information on file for continual communication throughout any potential treatment. 

And if someone is considering coming in as a new patient or gifting to someone else, the process is smooth. Especially if they have questions or aren’t sure where to begin, Lisa says that her licensed staff are skilled in educating new and existing patients and are always available for questions or concerns. 

The first step when someone walks through the door as a first-time patient is to meet virtually with the doctor on staff to make sure they can be cleared for any services. They will then discuss goals and options with the team of nurses who are there to ensure the best experience possible for all patients. 

And what makes Prime Hydration IV different from others who provide similar services? Lisa says that’s easy. “We specialize in IV treatments, and we make them in-house, which isn’t the norm. We also keep our list of services small to mainly IVs because that’s where we can provide the most value to our patients as true specialists. And our patients love our zero gravity massage chairs while receiving treatments.” 

Lisa believes that while many people look to IVs to aid a Vegas hangover, she works to educate her community about prevention. “If you know that you’ll be going out and drinking, consider getting an IV beforehand, not after. It will really make a difference the next day.”

Ultimately, at Prive Hydration IV, you can combat the stressful season, find the perfect gift, or even have a healthy holiday outing right around the corner.

“Our goal is to cater to our community with an affordable price for them to continue their health journey with us, not to break the bank."

“Our goal is to cater to our community with an affordable price for them to continue their health journey with us, not to break the bank."

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