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Bennett's Has Everything You Need for Your Outdoor Space

On a beautiful sunny afternoon, I had the pleasure of sitting down with Steve and Julie Bennett, owners of Bennett's on Medina Road, to discuss the secret to their success and their longevity in the business. 

Bennett's has been in the backyard furniture and playset business for more than 20 years, offering the area's premier selection of outdoor poly and wooden furniture, barns, basketball goals, playsets and much more.  

As we sit on a beautiful patio set outside, Steve points to a piece of their top-of-the-line poly outdoor furniture.

"It doesn't get any better than this. We carry three of the best outdoor furniture manufactures in the business: Berlin Gardens, Wildridge and Comfort Time. All the material has a UV protector in the colorant, so you don't have to worry about the color fading, and there is no filler in their material. This is the best poly furniture out there." 

I look around and see not only a variety of patio sets to choose from but also so many quality Adirondack chairs, gliders and swings that fill the property.

When Steve talks about his own line of outdoor play sets, UltraBuilt Play Systems, which he designs and manufactures himself, his voice exudes with pride and passion. 

"We are all in on these playsets," he says. "They are the heart and soul of our business because we have our hands involved in the whole process. Nobody touches it but us." 

Steve and his employees are the designers, engineers, manufacturers and installers of all their playsets, which are made from all-American, pressure-treated pine lumber that is kiln-dried and put through molders for a nice-looking 3/8-inch radius finish. He realized this is what he had to do to set his business and his product apart when he first began working with his dad many years ago. Back then, Steve noticed the playsets his father sold and installed each had their strong points and weak points. So when he went into business for himself and started to develop his own swing sets and playsets, he focused on all the good things the different manufacturers had to offer and eliminated all the bad things.

Proof of this is demonstrated in each product he manufactures. When you walk around and try out all the different models and choices they offer for their playsets, one thing is clear: the quality and craftsmanship of his products are second-to-none. From the lumber to the hardware to the manufacturing and installation, Steve is committed to giving his customers the best backyard playset their money can buy.  

During the course of my visit with the Bennetts, I noticed one major phrase continually made its way into our conversation: American-made.

"All of the swing sets, poly furniture, wooden furniture, outdoor structures, pavilions, basketball goals and barns are all American-made and, actually, mostly all Ohio-made, which is really cool. We look for businesses that are doing something right here in Ohio, and we have a lot of small business owners who will come out here and buy from us because of that. We all try to support each other when we can, and that's awesome."

Bennett's also offers American Eagle basketball goals, which are American-made with American steel. 

"Not only do we offer the better product with our basketball goals, but our install is the best around. Our installers are crushing it! Nobody installs a basketball hoop like we do," he says. 

The American Eagle basketball hoops come in two different models, the Pro Series and the Patriot Series, with the Pro Series hoops looking as close to a professional basketball goal as you can get.

For more information on all the products Bennett's has to offer, visit BennettsOhio.comOr better yet, stop in at 986 Medina Road in Medina to see for yourself what sets Bennett's apart from the rest. While you're there, stop inside and visit their specialty toy store, Smartickles, as well.

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