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I used to love my wood burning fireplace, but now I never use it.

Homeowners using a wood burning fireplace recognize the struggle required for fires: cut or purchase wood, season, stack and store — watch out for rodents in there! Then keep dry, haul inside, and find a way to get it started. While the fire burns, keep adding and rearranging wood hoping smoke doesn’t fill your house. And then, after all that, you get to clean the ashes and chimney. You are left with a few moments of enjoyment while most heat is lost up the chimney resulting in net heat loss. No wonder fireplaces sit dormant.   

Andrea Reedy, President of The Place, often hears customers say they do not use their wood burning fireplaces due to the hassle. Consider having the fireplace you really want with a one-day installation of a gas or electric direct vent insert.  

That sounds great. Tell me more about direct vent inserts.

A direct vent insert is a fireplace that is installed within your fireplace, providing an easy, warm and pleasant fire experience. The technology is simple: one vent goes up the chimney bringing fresh air in for combustion; the exhaust vent funnels combustion fumes, smoke and toxic gases outside, leaving you with beauty and heat. 

Need more to be thankful for? With direct vent inserts, you can zone heat your home. Save money by turning down the whole house furnace while just heating your main living space. Consider a toasty movie night in the living room, then retiring to a cooler bedroom for a good night’s sleep. According to, zone heating can produce energy savings of more than 20% compared to heating the whole area of your house.

Now that you know how easy upgrading your fireplace is, stop and take a good look at your fireplace. Is it unappealing?  Are the stones old and worn? Does it look tired?  A quick, fun renovation could create a contemporary and charming new look. Gas fireplaces that are past their prime can also be upgraded. A simple replacement of the front can create a fresh modern appearance.

The ambiance of a fire provides instant relaxation. On chilly nights, the fireplace can become the place families gather to feel warm and cozy. Pets will be thankful to lounge in front of the realistic flames while owners curl up with a good book or glass of wine. A one-day revitalization of your fireplace provides eco-friendly, cost savings and warm comfort while presenting a beautifully accented focal point for your home.

Fall back in love with your fireplace by adding a gas or electric fireplace insert.

Are there experts in Medina to help with my fireplace upgrade? 

Knowledgeable experts are waiting for you at The Place in Medina. Currently, The Place has the largest professionally certified team in Ohio. Each certification requires passing an examination through the National Fireplace Institute, covering topics like safety, venting and installation. Feel safe knowing your direct vent insert will be installed by a professional with experience, technical knowledge and skill. 

Plus, The Place is currently interviewing competent individuals to train and certify as Hearth Professionals. If you know someone who embodies The Place’s core values of caring, integrity, diligence, temperance and professionalism, this could be an amazing career opportunity for them. Visit for more information.

I'm interested in upgrading my fireplace. Now what? 

Visit The Place's showroom on Route 18 to view over 30 fireplaces and speak to one of their hearth experts on Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., or Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. You can get the most out of your first trip by bringing a picture of your current fireplace with you so The Place's expert staff can craft a makeover specific to your needs. Throughout the process, The Place will provide a basic price range upfront and will work with you to stay within your budget and design limitations.

The Place is conveniently located at 2377 Medina Rd., Medina. Check out for coupons on select fireplace inserts.

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