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Liz Scull

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Our salute to neighbors who make giving a priority, this season and always

Liz Scull

Liz Scull joined the Roswell Woman’s Club in 2016, an organization of nearly 200 women focused on giving back to our North Fulton community. This year the club hosted BOO Y’aLL Scarecrows in Historic Roswell and the companion fundraiser – Sip & Stroll. The proceeds will fund education and charities in North Fulton. She is chair of the Information Technology Committee is the wizard behind the club’s in-house app and social media.  She also serves on the Viola Foundation Board, with the annual Mardi Gras Ball benefitting local charities. In 2022, the 7th Annual Voilà Mardi Gras Ball will benefit the DDD Foundation.  She has devoted herself to serving the community since retiring from her career in human resources and customer service.  Liz is very community-oriented but also has a wonderful family that she makes her priority.  She is married to Guy and they have three adult children and four grandchildren. "Living in North Fulton since 1987, I’ve grown to love my town and the Georgians who call this place HOME. Volunteering my time and talent to my community enriches my life beyond measure and hopefully, makes a positive difference in the lives of the people around me," says Liz.

Tran Bui Smith

Tran Bui Smith of Roswell is an Emmy award-winning host and producer, who owns a video production company called On Location With Tran.  Her family fled Vietnam by boat during the Fall of Saigon in 1975. After staying in several refugee camps, they came to the United States with only a bag of belongings.  She found her passion in television news and storytelling, but her purpose is to give back to the country that has given her so much. In 2010 she co-founded a family volunteer group called Little Helpers and today there are 20 chapters across the country. The goal is to help children make volunteerism a part of their lives and appreciate their blessings.  Her favorite local charities include The Sandwich Project, Box of Balloons Roswell, Children’s Development Agency, MUST Ministries, Simple Needs GA and Mostly Mutts Animal Rescue.  To join the kindness projects, follow Little Helpers of Atlanta on Facebook.

Whitney DeMarlo Oeltmann

Following her father’s 2012 dementia diagnosis, Whitney DeMarlo Oeltmann quickly discovered there was a lack of information, family resources and support offered for those living with dementia and their caregivers. She felt called to help others facing similar uncertainty, and in 2016, she founded Dementia Spotlight Foundation (DSF). Whitney wears many hats at DSF, serving as co-founder, CEO and executive director. The Foundation recently joined forces with Roswell-based dementia support group, Amy’s Place and are expanding their offerings throughout Georgia and Florida. She leads employees and volunteers and advocates to ensure all programs meet the Foundation’s goals of providing a “guiding light” for those looking for a path forward. Oeltmann is also committed to raising public understanding of dementia-related diseases. When she’s not spearheading the next initiative for Dementia Spotlight Foundation or spending time with her family, Oeltmann enjoys reading, cooking and birdwatching. She lives in Brookhaven with her husband and two daughters and is an active member of her community.

Mike Harris

Mike Harris serves on the  Roswell Roots Festival Committee,  Roswell Arts Fund Board,  the Fulton County Remembrance Committee, and as the president of the board of The Friends of Mimosa Hall & Gardens. He also serves as a co-facilitator for the Atlanta Chapter of Coming to the Table Group. 

“That's a lot of activity and a lot of commitments for sure, but I firmly believe that it is my responsibility and duty to serve my community. I ascribe to the adage that ‘if not me who, and if I can, why wouldn't I’?”  He uses his interest in art to fuel his community and says engaging with artists, makers, and enthusiasts brings him joy. He and his wife are avid collectors. “I also care deeply about where I live, my community, the environment and I want to do my part to make my community vibrant, open, and healthy. Roswell offers many opportunities to engage with nature, great food and a diverse crowd of people. I am happiest when I am among people that enjoy life and I work hard to be one of these,” says Mike.

Talaya Parker

Talaya Parker is the Executive Director (CEO) at HomeStretch Inc. She is responsible for increasing community awareness of the agency’s mission and funding opportunities. HomeStretch, Inc. is a nonprofit agency whose mission is to guide homeless families towards permanent housing and lasting stability. HomeStretch, Inc. owns and operates a total of 39 affordable and transitional supportive housing units. Formerly, she held leadership roles in sales, marketing, human resources and operations. In 1999, Talaya was offered an opportunity to relocate to Atlanta, where she continued to develop corporate and social responsibility initiatives. She had the pleasure of working with global icons and prominent leaders in the community such as Congressman John R. Lewis and Coretta Scott King. Ms. Parker partnered with organizations that supported education, health, military veterans, empowerment and human rights. She also served as a Regional Diversity and Inclusion (BRG) Leader with a population over 4,000 associates in the southeast. She spearheaded groups such as Cultural Business Resource Groups, Women in Business and First Responders. She developed a reading program for a local elementary school. Ms. Parker’s volunteerism and charity work extends beyond the United States.  Talaya has served on missions that supported people in need in Africa, Haiti and India.

Addison Gaddy

Addison Gaddy is a junior at Centennial High School. Recently, she has been getting very involved in global issues, noticing areas needing improvement in our community. For her Girl Scout Gold Award project, she took on a program that can help kids and teens cope with racial trauma. Racial trauma is the mental and emotional injury caused by encounters with racial bias and ethnic discrimination. “Many people who have been effected by racial trauma have kept it inside and it can lead to serious physical and mental issues in the future. My plan is to work with psychologists at Emory University to share tips and tricks of coping with racial trauma, that way young people don't have to carry it with them in the future. This program will be available to everyone and has the ultimate goal of creating sensitivity to serious topics, that way people feel like they can talk about their feelings freely and without judgement. I plan on working with other organizations and students to make this a team effort. I hope that this program will make the topic of race more comfortable to talk about for all students, so we can gain a better understanding of each other.” Outside of school she likes to read, knit/crochet and hang out with friends

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