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Keeping Tempe Beautiful Helps Shape Tempe

Local organization Keep Tempe Beautiful is a volunteer-run nonprofit dedicated to improving the quality of life in Tempe and the beautification of the city. We caught up with Joe Forte from the organization to chat about it.

What is the vision of Keep Tempe Beautiful?

Keep Tempe Beautiful creates opportunities to positively impact the environment for people who live, work, and play in Tempe. We do this by educating and bringing the community together for events.

What are the organization’s goals?

Our organization has many goals based around our five program areas. Our long-term goals are to have 30 cleanup activities a month, plant over 10,000 trees a year, manage five community gardens, produce a yearly zero-waste music festival, and have a sustainability and recycling education program in the Tempe Elementary School districts with multiple full-time employees fulfilling this program.

What are some of the organization’s activities?

We have five program areas. They are park, street, and alleyway cleanups; tree plantings; recycling events with the City of Tempe; community gardens (all currently active); and a sustainability and recycling education program in the Tempe Elementary School district (not yet active).

To get involved, visit

Three reasons why Keep Tempe Beautiful is vital.

Environment. Everything the organization does helps mitigate greenhouse gases that contribute to climate change.

Community. Through its events, the organization is building community and providing opportunities for individuals and groups to participate in something bigger than themselves.

Economic. By keeping the community clean and green, they are helping position the city in a good light for visitors.

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