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Giving Back to the Community

Matt Bricker of Coastal Patio Furniture Contributes Used Patio Furniture to a Richmond City Pool

Article by Joanna Tannenbaum

Photography by Nia Negrette Photography

Originally published in Midlothian Lifestyle

Matt Bricker, the owner of Coastal Patio Furniture, has been involved in charities since he was a young child in the Boy Scouts. As a father now, Matt makes it a point to set a good example for his children and always teaches them to give back. “I have learned to practice gratitude for every little thing in life, which has helped me continue contributing to others,” Matt says. “My wife and I are raising our children around giving back to others in need or less fortunate, whether it be clothes, toys, or food.” Just last summer, Coastal Patio Furniture organized a fundraising event where they auctioned off beautifully restored furniture, donating all the funds to Healing TREE, a non-profit organization specializing in mental health awareness. 

This time, Matt wanted to contribute to the City of Richmond, a place he loved and formerly worked for. On a warm April day, the Coastal Patio Furniture team loaded a moving truck with approximately $20,000 of lightly used patio furniture and delivered it to Blackwell Community Center in Richmond to set up around their pool. Jerrod Booker, the Recreation Services Supervisor for the City of Richmond Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities, was in place to receive the donation. 

The furniture Matt gave to the Blackwell Community Center came from a generous customer who recently bought new furniture from Coastal Patio Furniture. “We have made it our mission to donate every item of used furniture we get from our customers when they order new,” Matt says. “This way, they don’t have to worry about disposing of the furniture, and we can give it to organizations that need it while preventing old yet useable furniture from winding up in a landfill.” All of Matt’s customers are familiar with his goal to donate their former furniture, and they are just as happy to contribute to the cause. 

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, an astonishing twelve million tons of useable furniture is wasted annually. “All of us on earth are trying to limit excess and extend the life of our possessions,” Matt says. “Coastal Patio Furniture is contributing to the longevity of outdoor furniture by restoring or rehoming it.” Matt’s team of professionals maintains and revives patio equipment to its former glory at a fraction of the price it costs to replace. The mission of Coastal Patio Furniture is a good reminder that repairing and restoring high-end furniture is an affordable alternative to purchasing an expensive new set.

To learn more about Coastal Patio Furniture’s repair and restoration services, visit:

"We hope this donation will benefit the recipient, which is the City of Richmond Parks and Recreation. They currently do not have any outdoor furniture around their community swimming pools, and we would love to provide areas to sit and relax for the incredible citizens of Richmond." - Matt Bricker

  • Matt Bricker of Coastal Patio Furniture and Jerrod Booker, Recreation Services Supervisor for the City of Richmond Parks, Recreation, and Community Facilities