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Isaac Miller’s Claw Machine Project raises money for local nonprofits.

The claw machine is a classic childhood attraction at arcades, restaurants and supermarkets. While most kids are focused on strategies for capturing the prizes inside, Mason Elementary School Student, Isaac Miller, saw the claw machine as an opportunity to benefit local nonprofits. 

A lover of claw machines, Isaac watched videos on YouTube of people buying and using their own. This inspired him to begin considering the possibilities for owning one himself. 

“When my good friend JJ Day passed away I was trying to think of a way to help,” Isaac shares. “I got a claw machine so we could raise money for the Love Like JJ Foundation.”

After purchasing the claw machine and filling it with stuffed animals, he chose Sonder Brewing for its location.

“I knew it was a big place and that the claw machine would give kids something to do there,” Isaac explains. 

Since its placement at Sonder, the claw machine has raised $1,000 for the Love Like JJ Foundation. They will use the funds Isaac donates to purchase gifts for kids at Ronald McDonald House. 

“It has been rewarding to see Isaac believe in this idea and see it succeed,” Isaac’s mother, Crystal Miller, reflects. 

Isaac prefers to fill the machines with donated items so that 100% of the profits can go directly to charity rather than sacrificing a portion to cover the purchase of new prize items. Popular prizes include pop-it fidgets, stuffed animals, gift cards, t-shirts and more. 

His second claw machine is placed at Third Eye Brewing, owned by Bonnie and Tom Collins. Proceeds from this claw machine will be donated to the Live Like Maya Foundation, which funds pediatric cancer research. Isaac’s third claw machine will also benefit Love Like JJ and is currently in need of a home.

Isaac’s dream is to one day have an entire arcade whose proceeds would be donated to nonprofits.

  • Isaac Miller is a 4th grader at Mason Elementary School.

  • He hopes to have 10 charitable claw machines within the next two years.

  • Donations of items to fill the claw machines are welcomed. Popular items include stuffed animals, gift cards, headphones, and books. Cash donations fund the purchase of more machines.

  • For more information on contributing, please contact Isaac’s mother, Crystal Miller, at crystalbmiller21@gmail.com.

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