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Giving Is the Mission

Collier County 100 Club

Immediately following Hurricane Ian one year ago, the Collier County 100 Club distributed $1,000 assistance checks to more than 50 deserving first responders. Additional grants have since been distributed, exceeding more than $172,800 in total aid. 

Whenever a natural disaster or other emergency occurs in Southwest Florida, our first responders stand with an unwavering commitment on the front lines to courageously ensure our personal safety and security, but have you wondered who is there to support them in their time of need or tragedy?

In 1985, the Collier County 100 Club was founded with this mission: to financially assist first responders and their families in times of tragedy. Over time, the Collier County 100 Club broadened its mission to include all first responders serving in Collier County. That includes not only the sheriff’s office, local police and fire departments, and emergency medical services, but also Florida wildlife officers and tribal police.

Recently, the organization’s board of directors further expanded the mission to acknowledge that many financial burdens were placed on first responders by tragedies other than line-of-death duties, such as natural disasters and medical care.

The Collier County 100 Club raises funds from the community through annual memberships, generous donations, and corporate sponsorships throughout the year. If you would like to support the cause, please visit

Russell A. Budd is the Founder of PBS Contractors in Naples and President of the Collier County 100 Club.