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Giving Thanks

Every day that we wake up or close our eyes is another opportunity to give thanks for another blessed day. Now let’s look at what filled our day—all of the blessings and gifts that were poured into our day to make it ours. If you’re following me, and you think it’s starting to sound like a formula or a recipe, it is. It’s actually a way of living.

Are you counting each and every blessing that falls into your lap or doorstep? It’s not by coincidence; those are G_D incidences and they are only intended for YOU. If you miss them or are not recognizing each golden nugget and honoring them for you, they will be lost. We all have superpowers! If you don’t use them, you lose them. Look around and recognize that life is happening, and it's not the same for everyone; this is happening to you, and these are your blessings.

Every day is another miracle and the miracle of life can be yours. Giving thanks and appreciation makes your miracles continue to appreciate for not only you but for the universe. Once you recognize your powers and can actually visualize, you can manifest your dreams into reality. 

Be a part of the brighter side of life with Kim Pagano. We all have the gift of dreaming and living. Live life to the fullest and be thankful for every moment because life is precious!

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