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Global Culture And Style Influence Local Designer Jacqueline Paredi

Working With Realtor Pamela Hogan Phildius, Jacqueline Follows Her Passions To Make Her Clients' Homes And Listings Spectacular

Article by Tony D'Souza

Photography by Prion Photography and Andrew Rothe

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

A lifetime of adventure in fashion and design has made a splash on the local real estate scene through the work of SRQ Interior Design’s Jacqueline Paredi. Jacqueline partners with realtor Pamela Hogan Phildius (featured in our December, 2019 issue) of Venice’s Century 21 Schmidt Realty to prep homes for listing and sale, as well as designing independently through her SRQ Interior Design, which she founded.  

“I’m tri-cultural,” says Jacqueline of what inspires her signature style, featured in some of Pamela’s prominent, high-end listings. “My mom’s from London, my dad’s from San Francisco and I was born and raised in Venezuela. This background opened my eyes to different esthetics, to seeing balance and beauty in creative and unique ways.”

After her father’s employer relocated the family to New Jersey, Jacqueline was then influenced by nearby New York City’s design and fashion scene, as well as international trends. After a short stay in London at the St. Martin’s School of Art and Design, she eventually attended Syracuse University, and later, the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology in Manhattan. What followed was a successful 30-year career in the capital of international trends and design. 

“I designed the private rooftop terrace of my condo so well that strangers said it belonged in a magazine,” Jacqueline says of her early forays in home design. “That terrace alone began to generate design business from strangers.” 

Early in her career, travel to China exposed Jacqueline to the art of textile making. 

“Textiles really are the foundation of my interior design career,” Jacqueline explains. “I am passionate about marrying and coordinating prints, patterns, colors and textures to create the most dramatic stories. That’s what sets me apart from other interior designers. I work with what someone has in their home to help draw out who my clients are and to showcase the things they love.”

In her career, Jacqueline has designed collections for such notable labels as Alfani, August Silk, White House Black Market, Soma, and Chico’s. All the time that she was working in fashion, she did private interior and exterior design, an eye on the day when she would be able to fully focus on her passion. Finally ready to make that transition, four years ago, she began to look for a locale away from NYC that would fit her style. 

“I wanted to move some place beautiful in Florida because my sister lives on the other coast and my parents are in Savannah,” Jacqueline says. “I wanted it to be coastal, sophisticated and it had to cater to the arts. I picked the Sarasota-Venice region for those reasons, bought a house, and launched my interior and exterior design business. The move and the business launch have been incredible.”

At SRQ Interior Designs and in her work with Pamela and Pamela’s listing, Jacqueline draws on local talent for materials and artwork in her designs. 

“We have great resources in our region to find whatever I need to be made,” Jacqueline says. “For example, I work with an amazingly talented artist from Wall Wizardry named Mary Fragipane who completely refinishes and refreshes precious furniture that my clients won’t part with but they know is tired and no longer shows well.”

Jacqueline is never afraid to work with interesting colors, and to modify standard furnishings with specially cut glass and silver filigree hardware. She wants her clients to see their homes’ interiors and exteriors in new and spectacular ways.

Staging for agents like Pamela has led to repeat business with clients whose homes she helped make ready for sale. From lighting, to custom furniture, fabrics, rugs, and accent pieces, Jacqueline always listens to her clients’ ideas and needs.

“I want to be my clients’ ally,” Jacqueline says. “I shop with my clients’ budget in mind as I know where to source beauty and value. I can help completely refresh a rental or make a main home spectacular. In some of the homes I have staged, the buyers have purchased everything. Pamela and I have helped languishing real estate sell quickly, and I have helped clients create elegant homes.”

Living her fullest life and following her dreams, Jacqueline loves her work and the discoveries and relationships it has helped her build. 

“I do new kitchens, new bathrooms, I have the best general contractors, I love doing exteriors and can do anything,” Jacqueline explains. “I get to know my clients and ask questions and find out what they love or don’t love about their homes. Then I give them my ideas. I love to see the transformations. I love the happiness that great design can bring.” 

Jacqueline Paredi 917.913.5105 Jacqueline@ 

Pamela Hogan Phildius 312.952.7907 100 W. Venice Ave., Venice

Featured in our December 2019 issue, realtor Pamela Hogan Phildius with Venice’s Century 21 Schmidt Realty met designer Jacqueline Paredi of SRQ Interior Design at a Sassy Sisters networking event. The pair has worked together for the past three years and has helped quickly sell properties that have languished on the market. Pamela has made herself an expert on the Venice and regional real estate market and prides herself on providing her clients with the most information possible so they can make the real estate decisions that best benefit them.

“Jacqueline has the ability to go into a pre-listing and neutralize and depersonalize it,” explains Pamela. “She has an acute perception of what needs to be done to the property to attract the most buyers.”

“The best things about working with Pamela are her awareness of the importance of staging and the gentle way she has in letting the home sellers know how important it is,” says Jacqueline. “She has a great eye, which ensures the high quality of the photos that accompany the listing.”

Pamela and Jacqueline are always eager to meet potential clients and provide the best service they can. 

“As a team, Jacqueline and I work extremely well together,” says Pamela. “We are succinct in our styles, intuitive as far as what draws buyers to a home. If you are decorating/remodeling for selling, we have many tools and resources available to help you. We have a wealth of information and years of experience. Just ask Pamela and Jacqueline!”

Jacqueline Paredi 917.913.5105 

Pamela Hogan Phildius 312.952.7907 100 W. Venice Ave., Venice

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