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Ashley Sutton of Mountain Beauty Med Spa Shares Her Tips to Keep Your Skin Radiant

The trees may have shed their leaves and turned in until spring, but these chilly winter months are no reason to abandon your radiant glow. In fact, they provide the perfect opportunity to 'glow up' and step into the skin you are meant to have.

Born and raised in Colorado, Ashley Sutton understands the unique impact our climate has on our skin. From the dry air and abundance of sunlight to the dramatic shift in temperature that can happen in 24 hours, our skin requires a little extra TLC to age gracefully in our Southwestern Colorado landscape.

As a teen, Ashley struggled with acne, which led to a sharp decline in confidence and self-image. At a loss for what to do, her mother took her to an esthetician for help. This small step changed the trajectory of Ashley’s life forever. “She talked to me about my skin’s health and gave me so many tools to heal it from the inside out. My confidence blossomed, drastically changing my life,” said Ashley. This shift in confidence inspired Ashley to devote her time to helping others nurture their inner and outer beauty.

Residing on nine and a half acres with her husband and children – plus their mini-farm complete with goats, chickens, pigs, and turkeys – Ashley brings individualized care to her patients from her cozy mountain oasis. ”We view our patients as individuals, not a number. When you come to Mountain Beauty Medspa, we focus on more than just your skin. We also focus on all that encompasses your inner beauty and treat your skin to match.” 

Ashley sat down with us to discuss her top tips to keep your skin nourished and glowing through the harsh winter months and beyond. Keep these tips on hand to elevate your skincare routine and find your true glow.

Tip One - Vitamin C

Ashley recommends doing this first thing in the morning. Vitamin C serum applied after cleansing the skin and before applying sunscreen boosts your collagen production to help fight fine lines and complements sunscreen with extra protection from free radicals. 

Tip Two - Drink Water 

Our arid climate and high altitude make it hard to stay adequately hydrated, impacting your skin's health. Ashley encourages everyone to drink extra water to combat these effects. 

Tip Three - Create a Barrier

A quality, mineral-based sunscreen will go a long way to protect your skin in our sunny environment. Don’t skip this step when the weather is colder! Ashley suggests finding a tinted sunscreen that doubles as a concealer so your skin doesn’t look chalky or discolored. A hat provides an extra layer of protection as well.

Tip Four - Vitamin A

Ashley stresses the importance of using vitamin A (or retinol) serum in the evening (when your skin grows) as it helps your body develop new skin cells. 

Tip Five - Treatments That Pack a Punch

Ashley recommends getting skin treatments, like (IPL photofacial treatments) when post-procedure care is more easily managed due to reduced sun exposure. Treatments complement your daily routine to create a more pronounced and lasting effect.

Mountain Beauty Medspa offers microdermabrasion, chemical peels, micro-needling, IPL laser treatment for hyperpigmentation, Botox, and fillers. They also carry a complete line of Obagi skincare products, perfect for Colorado’s dry climate. New clients receive 20% off their first service.

"When you come to Mountain Beauty Medspa, we focus on more than just your skin." 

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