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Timberline Glamping Sarasota's campsites are ideally situated at Oscar Scherer State Park.

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Luxury and comfort meet the great outdoors at Timberline Glamping Sarasota

Article by Emily Leinfuss

Photography by Timberland Glamping Sarasota

Originally published in Venice City Lifestyle

For those of us who’d like to spend more time exploring the natural world but prefer not to "rough it," Timberline Glamping Sarasota (TGS) has the perfect solution. 

Situated in Oscar Scherer State Park–less than seven miles from Venice and only five miles from the nearest beach–TGS provides a close to nature experience that offers luxurious amenities and comforts that far exceed those in a typical campground, explained Anayancy Escarpanter who, together with husband Alex, opened this second-ever Timberline Glamping spot in Florida. 

The Escarpanter family’s journey into the world of glamping began when they took a transformative trip to the first Timberline location in Tampa about two years ago. Inspired by the serene beauty of nature combined with the comforts of modern amenities, they knew they wanted to be part of the movement. 

Soon after, the couple started to work closely with the franchise owners to bring the concept to our area. After meticulous planning and collaboration with local parks, Timberline Glamping Sarasota opened in October 2023 with two campsites. They expanded to four locations on Earth Day, 2024. All TGS campsites feature air-conditioned tents, hotel-quality beds, mini-fridges, and cozy outdoor spaces. 

But TGS is more than just a place to stay—it's a community and a family-centric venture that’s fast becoming a go-to spot for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, old-friend get-togethers and more, said Anayancy.

As the Timberland Glamping phenomenon continues to grow, the founders envision a future where Timberline Glamping–in Sarasota and elsewhere–becomes synonymous with adventure, relaxation, and connection with nature. So, for anyone seeking a refreshing and stylish escape from the ordinary, Timberline Glamping Sarasota offers an affordable experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression.

  • Glamping under the stars.
  • Alex and Anayancy Escarpanter of Timberline Glamping Sarasota.
  • Hotel-quality beds are a part of the glamping experience.
  • Glamping is fun for the whole family.
  • Timberline Glamping Sarasota's campsites are ideally situated at Oscar Scherer State Park.
  • Games and other activities are also available.
  • Enjoying the great outdoors in style.
  • S'mores and glamping are a match made in heaven.
  • A beautiful view of Lake Osprey.
  • Watch out for butterflies!

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