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Go Outside!

Three locals Adventure Outside with These Unique Creative Hobbies

NAME: Micah Koelmeyer

DAY JOB: Windermere Real Estate East Inc. I currently work in a broker support role and will be joining a team soon to make my mark as a broker.



I have been building and flying radio-controlled airplanes since the age of seven.

How did you discover this passion and what is the best part?

I've always been drawn to aviation, physics and the consistency of aerodynamics. My curiosity led me to build my first radio-controlled airplane.

DESCRIBE a favorite accomplishment and future goal.

In 2014 the Foamy Flyers RC Club in Sri Lanka held their first competition and I placed first in the glider endurance and speed portion. A goal of mine is to compete in the freestyle portion of the TAS (Tucson Aerobatic Shootout) competition. 

WHAT ADVICE would you share with readers interested in learning to do what you do?

Start with small, light airplanes. has the best beginner series on everything you need to know. I also teach classes on building and flying RC planes, so feel free to connect with me as well.


NAME: Vivian Hsu


DAY JOB: City of Bellevue and Vivian Hsu Photography



My adventure is exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with Coco, my 5-year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. We have spent the last five years kayaking, hiking, and taking long walks on the beach. My fiancé Garrett is the biggest supporter of my deep wanderlust. He will take time off to adventure with me, but also fully understands when I need to jump in the car and drive off on my solo journeys.


How did you discover this passion?

This passion was discovered when, as a busy professional, I found that I could take Coco anywhere. She may have short legs, but she will wander endlessly with her humans!


Tell us about your future goals.

It would be fun to get a sidecar for my scooter and scoot around with Coco by my side. Maybe you'll see us puttering around town like that one day. 


WHAT ADVICE would you share with readers interested in learning to do what you do?

Get your doggo a life jacket and take them out on your watercraft this summer.  =)


NAME: Christian Alexander Lee

DAY JOB: 3rd grade student at Medina Elementary

HOBBY: I’ve been racing since 2019, and started at K1 Speed. I hold the Junior track record at K1 Speed (19.163 sec), and  I currently race in the ICP cup (PNW karting regional series) with my Nitro Kart in the LO206 class and my ItalKart in the Tag Cadet class.

Why are you passionate about your adventure? What is the best part?

I love speed, and more speed. The fastest I’ve gone is 59.8 mph, and without a seatbelt!  I’m hyped up when I’m racing on the track, and feel free from the rest of the world. I feel like I’m in my own dimension.

DESCRIBE: your greatest achievement and tell us about your future goals.

I qualified 3rd in the one of the ICP cup races. I wish to be an F1 driver.

WHAT ADVICE would you share with readers interested in learning to do what you do?

Practice, just practice. PSGKA is a fun, up and down race track. I was so excited for my first PSGKA race that I woke up at 6:30 in the morning.