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Going Against the Grain

The Challenges of Building a Loveland Home Out of Grain Silos

How does one make a house more than a home? By incorporating grain silos, of course! Not the answer you were expecting? It’s not what Rich Rasmussen with Triple “R” Builders was expecting either when he was commissioned to build his latest home. The new, one of a kind construction project is located just north of Loveland. The build is located on a five-acre plot that includes two large grain silos. When Rasmussen was approached about the concept of building a house that aimed to include the two silos, he was up for the architectural challenge. 

The first silo will include the master bedroom, while the other will include a kitchen and living area with a second bedroom on the upper floor. A common room that ties the whole home together will be constructed between the two silos. Windows that provide maximum sunshine and beautiful views of the Front Range are also a priority. While it is unique, a home build such as this one comes with a set of equally unique challenges. 

As Rasmussen explains, “Nothing is standard in a home or design like this. The silos are round, and standard rooms are square, so everything is built custom.” 

Along with design and layout, there are obstacles with plumbing, electricity, and utilities. Rasmussen is friends with the owner and was excited to take on such a distinct opportunity. 

“It definitely has its challenges, but overall it’s been a fun project. I’ll learn a lot that I can use on the next build that involves grain silos,” Rasmussen says with a genuine chuckle. “It’s good to know that more creative, visually intriguing residences could be in store for the area.”

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“Nothing is standard in a home or design like this. The silos are round and standard rooms are square so everything is built custom.”