Celina Resident and Owner of NCS Roofing & Solar Helps With Your Decision to Go Solar

Article by Sharla Davenport

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Originally published in Celina Lifestyle

As Spring approaches, the weather gives a reprieve from high electric bills at least until summer. But what if you could save money on your electric bill, plus help reduce your carbon footprint? Brian Dyer has the solution.

Celina resident, Brian Dyer, is the owner of NCS Roofing and Solar.  He has been in the roofing business for sixteen years and recently partnered with Titan Solar Power.  Dyer “saw a need and demand for solar panels” as many of his roofing customers inquired about the new energy trend.  

Dyer believes his company is the best choice to help you go solar.  He researched numerous companies before he joined Titan Solar Power.  Dyer realized that many of the companies focused mostly on sales and commissions, and recruiting salespeople, rather than an emphasis on customers.  By becoming a partner with Titan Solar Power, Dyer works directly for the customer by “taking out the middleman and giving the customer the best service available.” 

Just how popular is solar energy? The United States Department of Energy predicts that one in seven homes in the United States will have a rooftop solar system by 2030.  Dyer says that over the next two years more homes will be equipped with solar panels than the homes over the last forty years that previously installed solar panels.

The benefits of solar panels include a significant reduction in your monthly energy bill, reducing the carbon footprint and helping the environment, as well as increasing the value of your home. Dyer notes solar panels immediately increase the value of your home. He states that “homes with solar panels sell 17% faster than those without panels.”  The United States Department of Energy agrees. According to, “one study by Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory showed that on average, solar increased the value of a home by about $15,000.”  And since solar power is so plentiful, that is another great reason to invest in solar.

Not every house qualifies for solar panels. Dyer recommends you set up a complimentary evaluation of your home and roof. Engineers will then study the roof, as well as analyze your energy consumption to determine if the solar panels would generate enough power for your home.  Dyer states that most newer homes qualify. 

As soon as the panels go online, families with solar energy will then only pay for the financing of the panels and a small fee to stay on the electric grid.  You no longer will pay an electric company for consumption of energy, plus you’ll be using green energy.  

Brian Dyer and his family enjoy living in Celina.  He and his family love “everything about Celina, especially the people.” Brian’s fiancé, Dana Draper, is a life-long resident of Celina and runs Fidelity National Title on the downtown square. 

Brian’s goal is to help people in Celina save money on electricity and make his beloved town a little greener. He believes in the stability of his company and the quality he gives to his customers. Now is the time to set up a free consultation with Dyer and learn more about solar power.

To learn more, call Brian Dyer at 214.407.8248 or visit facebook@NCSRoofing

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