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Going The 'Maximus' Distance

Kitchen And Construction Business Has 'Helping Others' At Its Core

With Maximus Construction NJ named after owner Edward "Eddie" Yakubovich's son, Maximus, God and family are clearly the heart of the company's work. As a result, Eddie says he ensures his customers and clients are treated like family, with the team lending helping hands, regardless of size or scope.

Eddie's foray into construction began with designing kitchens as the "heart of homes" for 15 years. In 2017, he expanded with construction, both inside and out, including decks, custom additions and new homes. For two years, he completed new construction projects and home renovations and expansions, such as a 9,000 square-foot home expansion in Newtown. In 2019, he founded Maximus Construction NJ. However, Maximus services go beyond the state, basically within a 50-mile radius including Pennsylvania, Delaware and New York.

Defining the business' reputation is its "do it all" approach. Eddie says if he and his team have the necessary resources and skills, no project is too small or large. And, if he or his team can't do a particular task, he'll find someone who can. "When a customer asks if I know someone for a job, my usual answer is 'No problem,'" Eddie adds. “There’s rarely a job where we can’t help. If there’s a project we're able to do any part of, we can help get it done.”

God, family and business -- in that order -- are the guiding principles of Maximus Construction, and the three most important aspects to its owner, who says he knows that going the extra mile doesn't have to cost a fortune. “If I can help a homeowner save money on cabinets or something else, I’m happy to do that even if someone else is doing the installation," he says, pointing out that his financial bottom line is not his top priority. "The things that matter to me are not what matter to most."

As a people person, Eddie says his favorite projects sometimes don't involve any hands-on work, as long as he's helping others, whether through design, cabinet sales or large-scale jobs, which "often stem from the kitchen, but don’t have to," he explains.

Eddie's commitment to his customers and clients shows in the feedback he receives, many who reference concepts of trust. “The way we carry ourselves, the way we do business, that’s something we hear all the time," he says. He says former clients, such as one in Tom's River, New Jersey, even continue to contact him, just to check in. 

In addition to custom kitchen design, cabinetry and installation, and large-scale home renovation/construction, Eddie has another business, thanks to his son. Maximus Collectibles offers Pokemon cards and beyond, both online and from its Pennington storefront.

This Thanksgiving, this business owner says he has a lot for which to be thankful. “God, first and foremost, and my family are what it's all about. Everything else is just part of what we have to do to provide for ourselves and our families," he says. "The gift I’ve been given in my life, my family, is a complete driving force for me.”