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Golden Hour

This Year’s Fall Fashion Embraces Bold Accessories and Bare Faces

Article by Meili Cady

Photography by Kara Mercer

Originally published in Bellevue Lifestyle

September is one of the most beautiful times of the year in Washington. It’s the golden hour of summer—the last stretch where we can play outside wearing only one layer of clothing. The weather is still warm, the grills are still fired up and the rosé is still served all day. While we’ve savored the season, we’re also excited for what’s next. 

Fall is traditionally about change. Part of that is letting go of what we don’t need and embracing what feels right. This season is giving us all the right feels with romantic blouse silhouettes, lightweight textures and baby bags that inspire us to take only what we need (because that’s literally all that will fit inside of them).

Our fall photo shoot this year was at Discovery Park, one of the state’s most stunning beaches. We’re showcasing the sandy scenes of the Pacific Northwest and looks from the expertly curated Seattle boutique Baby and Company, with Parisian purses by Polene. 

Baby and Company is dedicated to the "slow fashion" movement. On their website, they say that they aim to set “the standard for the preservation of mindfulness, continually countering the fast fashion fad with a focus on timeless quality.” This mission statement is just one of the many reasons why we love them. Their downtown Seattle store—not far from Pike Place Market—is a vision of carefully crafted designs by a diverse variety of artists. 

Polene purses are ideal for pairing with some of the season’s most wanted. Their take on the “baby bag” captures the craze for minimalism, adding structure and curves. Polene also offers slightly larger options for those who favor a bit more room. Neutral colors with modern design make the perfect complement to throwback looks like vertical stripes with high necklines.

New neutrals go beyond accessories to cover the latest trend of head-to-toe monochromatic colors. Pairing a long-loved khaki or cotton pant with a cozy, cream sweater or white theatrical blouse is a look we expect to see a lot of this season. 

Embracing your own innate beauty is something we can always get behind. Mother Nature is queen of beauty this fall, with a natural approach to hair and makeup reigning supreme. The “no makeup” makeup look is on the rise, with companies like Glossier building an entire business on it. Loose curls, simple slick-backs and true “I woke up like this” tresses combined with subdued makeup create a carefree aesthetic that matches any outfit.

Blending bold, vintage accessories like hats and statement earrings with newer designs can give way to effortless elegance. When the season changes, mixing old and new is a stylish way to freshen your look and your perspective. If fall’s newest fashions feel right for you, there’s certainly plenty to play with. 

As we trade our frosé for frothy spiced lattes, we turn to what helps us feel renewed and ready for the fall. Enjoy your golden hour of the summer, and may you continue to glow throughout the seasons.