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Golf Season is Coming!

GJ Golf Gave Us Some Tips

Between the wonderful spring days, good times with friends, and a favorite drink or three, golf season is always something to look forward to. Especially when a friend may be getting into the sport, or if you're looking for some new kit. We swung by GJ Golf in Grand Junction to put together a list of items that the beginner or the pro could benefit from. 

1) Lessons are never a bad idea. For $75 you can get 3 thirty minute one-on-one lessons to help improve your game!

2) Little tools to fix a divit on the green, mark your ball, or keep the cleats on your shoes on are always handy to keep the game going.

3) Clothes!!! You can never go wrong!

4) A fresh golf bag is definitely nice to have and keep everything together and organized.

5) You need a cute pair of shoes for sure!

6) Did you know there are different types of golf balls? Some are better for beginners while others are better suited for seasoned players.

7) There is all kinds of cool tech. From rangefinders to Garmin watches made for golf. The features and tools are endless!

8) Did you know that you can be fitted to golf clubs? Everything from the length of the club to your swing speed. GJ Golf is set up to help you get set up with the best gear to match your style of playing. 

Of course this is a short list. But there is so much to learn that it's really worth going into the store to learn from Ty and Mellissa Antonides. Have fun out there this year!!!

"Golf season is always something to look forward to".