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Good Dog

Unleashing stylish and modern pup products

Nicole Ortega and her daughter, Scarlett, were among the thousands of people who added a fur baby to their family during the pandemic — a Goldendoodle named Kahlo. Being entrepreneurs, the mother-daughter duo were inspired by their puppy and decided to go into business together making and curating a collection of stylish dog accessories. Their brand, Good Dog, can be found at popups throughout the Kansas City metro. Good Dog is easy to spot – the incredibly chic and modern dog collection is as appealing to dogs as it is to their owners.

Nicole is the owner of Clothz Minded, an eco-friendly secondhand women’s boutique in Westport. Since Scarlett was only four days old, she has been raised in her mother’s shop and quickly grew to take on more responsibility, helping her mother sort clothes, ring customers up at the cash register, and even styling customers with her fashionable recommendations. Nicole noticed her daughter’s entrepreneur mindset at a young age and Good Dog seemed like the perfect opportunity to provide an outlet for Scarlett’s talents.

However, in September of 2021, Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer. The devastating news put any idea of starting a business with Scarlett on hold. Unfortunately, Nicole’s cancer treatment would include multiple hospitalizations; her third, and most recent, one so severe she was facing heart failure and had to have a blood transfusion. The near-death experience left Nicole not willing to waste any more time. She was determined to pursue the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to start a brand with her business-savvy daughter.

At only nine years old, Scarlett is the dazzling front woman of Good Dog. She sews, along with her mother, a denim line of dog bandanas. The accessories consist of collars, leashes, key chains, and even dog toys and treats. Inspired to make dog accessories more aesthetically pleasing, Scarlett and Nicole focus on filling their brand full of beautiful earth tones and natural fibers. Unlike many dog products, Good Dog’s sophisticated line is designed to complement the owner’s dog and home. Bringing the core values from Clothz Minded to Good Dog, 90% of the vendors the mother and daughter curate their brand with are female owned, sustainable, and eco-friendly.

With the new business, Scarlett has taken the initiative to learn more about all types of dogs to help her customers to the best of her abilities. She has such a natural way with animals that her family calls her “the dog whisperer.”  You can find Scarlett being the ultimate saleswoman, educating and interacting with her customers and stunning patrons with her contagious enthusiasm and incredible knowledge of Good Dog products. Catch Scarlett and her booming business during the Westport Art Fair September 9-11 in front of Clothz Minded or at popups all throughout the city.

Good Dog plans to expand their product line in the near future to include dog beds and t-shirts. Along with popups, buyers can also purchase from the Good Dog website, Check the schedule for further Good Dog popup events on their website and social media.

  • Scarlett and her dog, Kahlo