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Good Graceful Morning

Encouragement Can Be Found With the First Sip of the Day

Article by Michelle W. Parnell

Photography by Adrion Bell

Originally published in Evans City Lifestyle

“I’ve always been very passionate about encouraging and inspiring others,” says Danielle Batchelor, owner of Graceful Mornings. Her years of patient care as a medical social worker have taught her “so much about the power of prayer and that it’s not about taking pain away or saying the perfect things. It’s about being there and reminding people about the power of God’s love and how much of a difference it can make to lean into Him and bring Him into whatever you’re going through.”

In 2018, Danielle felt led to open Graceful Mornings, an Etsy shop featuring elegant, scripture-based coffee mugs. She explains, “The mugs allow you to provide a loved one with a thoughtful, encouraging, and timeless gift at a time when they need it most.” They can also serve as a sweet reminder of special times spent together. Have a few of these in your own cupboard if you want sweet encouragement with every morning's cup of tea or coffee. Our editor, Lydia Clothey, says, "I immediately wanted the collection on hand in my kitchen because they carry truth that I need to hear; words are so powerful, and the tiniest line can set my heart and mind on life-giving thoughts and intentions." Whether as a gift or a personal purchase, customers can order pre-designed mugs or request custom designs based on specific desires.

To Danielle, each step of the process is an opportunity for ministry. “Whenever a customer places their order, I will engage with them and, if they want to, have them tell me a little about why they are purchasing a specific mug as a gift. They may share about a hardship their loved one is enduring. We connect through storytelling, words of encouragement, shared faith, and prayer.”

Danielle also prays for the recipient of the mug during the designing process. She says, “My prayer has always been that my mugs will be used as a tool to spread God’s Word while providing hope, encouragement, peace, comfort, and everlasting joy - especially during seasons of hardship.”

“That’s the heart behind it for me….to remind people that they are not alone,” says Danielle. “I’m so excited to see what difference God is going to make in this world. He’s allowing me to be the vehicle – all for His glory.”

Ordering information can be found at Also, find Graceful Mornings on Facebook and on Instagram at @gracefulmornings. 10% of proceeds are donated to True North Church in support of mission trips.


Danielle Batchelor founded Graceful Mornings with inspiration from Psalm 143:8 “Let the morning bring word of Your unfailing love, for I have put my trust in You.” She says, “This verse is such a lovely reminder that mornings offer new beginnings.”